Our Wedding

January 12, 2008
The Bouquet
(thank you Aunt Nancy and Joy for all your work)
The Groom
(I like his smile here. He must have been thinking about his bride.)
The Bride
The Details
(I loved my flowers)
 (I made these.)
The Girls
The Guys
The Whole Gang
The Ceremony
(Seeing the Bride) 
(Seeing the Groom)
The Bride and Groom
 (first kiss when we made it through those church doors)
The Party
(first dance)

Favorite Moments
(talking and laughing with my dad as we waited)
(the two of us grinning back and forth the rest of the night)

(one of the two moments I almost cried that day)
(when the guests cleared out and we waited to make our exit)