About Me

This blog is where I've come to share a little bit of my story. I moved to Birmingham, Alabama in the fall of 2004. Somewhere between now and then, I got married, graduated, started my career, bought a house, got a dog, and became a mother. This blog has chronicled many of those journeys.

A few details...

My husband, Patrick, is a youth minister. His job makes our life crazy at times. I'm convinced there's nothing like it in the world, but I'm also convinced that he's doing what he was made for.

I love my job. In my mind, there isn't anything greater than handing a newborn baby to his mother for the first time. I get to take part in one of the most incredible events of a persons life.

Our house is a work in progress. Instead of going with a new construction, we went with a home that has some “character.” This has given us plenty of projects to tackle. You can see some of that process here on the blog.

We have a big dog- a 200lb American Mastiff named him Hurley. He's a mess. We sometimes just call him "bear" for obvious reasons.

Okay, maybe I lied earlier. There is something greater than handing a newborn to his mother for the first time and that is having someone hand you your baby for the first time. Amazing... We recently welcomed the second addition to our family- our son Owen. I have yet another thing to blog about.

I’m currently navigating the world of motherhood, delivering babies, youth activities, and home renovation projects. I am learning as I go and willing to share my success and failures with the world.

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