Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Favorite Gear for Mom and Baby {Week 1}

Here is a list of things that I found helpful during our first week at home with Sydney.

1. Newborn t-shirts- I like to use these at first because they allow for easy access for diaper changes and cord care. Once the cord falls off I switch to all the cute outfits. I don't worry about baby getting too cold either because I keep my babies wrapped in blankets pretty much 24/7 the first couple of weeks. The long sleeve ones are actually my favorite because you can fold the little sleeves over to keep baby from scratching up his or her face.

2. Mother's milk tea- I like to drink this to encourage my milk to come in.

3. Receiving blankets- These blankets are great to use in the beginning. I also throw one down on top of the changing pad so that I don't have to wash the changing pad as frequently.

4. Rock n Play- Still have a lot of love for this piece of baby paraphernalia. Mine is actually the older version without the auto rock.

5. Bottle brush- It's the only kind I will buy.

6. Breast pads- I leak a lot during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. After a few weeks, it seems that my body adjusts.

7. Water bottle- It's very important to drink lots of water especially if breastfeeding. I quickly learned to drink mine from a water bottle since I have a toddler running around. Owens acting out after we brought Sydney home included dumping out any beverage left within his reach all over the floor. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

3 Months with Sydney

Health and growth- At her 2 month check up (which was just two days before she turned 3 months), Sydney weighed 11 lbs and 3oz and was 24 and 3/4 inches long. She's long and lean! I have no idea where she got that from. She still spits up all. the. time. but doesn't seem too bothered by it. I do wonder if it is keeping her weight on the low end though. Vaccines were indeed rough. She came home and napped for a couple of hours and then woke up screaming. The screaming didn't stop for a solid hour. It was pretty miserable. Owen was really upset by it. I think it scared him. He'd never heard her cry like that before (I hadn't either!).

While Sydney remained healthy all month long, it was rough for the rest of us. I developed mastitis the first week of June. Thankfully, Owen was participating in VBS at church so it gave me a bit of time to rest. However, the following week Owen had a cold that he passed to me. Luckily, Sydney didn't get sick. I think I have breastfeeding to thank for that. Patrick's summer schedule with the youth is in full swing and it leaves me flying solo most of the time.

Vaccine day... Sad baby girl.
Feeding- She's still nursing about 7 times a day but I fed her more during the week I had mastitis. I do think mastitis temporarily dropped my supply but thankfully it seems to be rebounding. From what I'm told, she's not a huge fan of bottles. She often fusses through the first couple of the day and then gets over it by the last three before I get home. I'm only able to nurse her twice on the days I work. It makes me thankful that I'm not full time right now. I'm having a hard time pumping this time around. For some reason, I can't get "empty". I've left work several times feeling engorged. Not good. Probably had something to do with developing mastitis.

Oh, the number game...
Sleeping- Night time sleep was good for about a week this month. I think she slept through the night a couple of times. I did end up dropping the dreamfeed/ top off nursing session that I would do before bed. Then she began waking up at 2 and 4 and 7. I decided to start it back but didn't get any improvement. I assumed it meant she was having a growth spurt and decided to roll with it for a few nights. Well, 2 weeks later... yeah... I have severely missed my baby that would sleep from 8pm until 4am and then not be up for the day until 7:30am. I'm fighting to trust her body and mine. I suspect that she's nursing more frequently to bring my milk supply back up. It's exhausting, but I know that it needs to happen and it's the only way it will happen. Knowing that I needed to boost my milk supply was also my reason for bringing back the "dreamfeed". Surprisingly, she's been nursing great for it. I simply pick her up out of bed, feed her, and put her back down. It doesn't seem to disrupt her sleep at all and it's a great way for me to get another nursing session in.

She's been sleeping swaddled in her crib with the wood underneath one side to elevate the head of her bed. I haven't wanted to mess with it but I'm thinking I can probably level it off now. My saving grace is that when she does wake up in the middle of the night, she eats, and goes right back down. I can even put her in the bed somewhat awake still and she'll drift off without crying.

Naps- Her naps have been very regular. They happen at around 9:15, 12:00, and 3. She sleeps swaddled in her bed for those too except for the days that we are out and about. I decided from the beginning that if we were going to ditch one nap, it would be the second one. So sometimes she's in her carseat or the carrier. I just don't stress over not making it home for that nap and it seems to be working out just fine. The best thing about her schedule is that I get a magical hour and a half every day when both babies are asleep. This has also been my sanity saver. I've been napping too. It's wonderful.

Schedule- It's pretty much the same as last month except that she's pretty much dropped the catnap before bedtime and she's waking up twice in the middle of the night more often than not. If she only wakes up once, then the feeding happens around 4am.

7:30- Nurse
Nap at 9:15
10:30- Nurse
Nap at 12:00
1:30- Nurse
Nap at 3:00
4:30- Nurse
7:3- Nurse
Bedtime by 8:00
10:30- Dreamfeed
Possible feeding at 2:00am and then again at 5:00am

Started some Bumbo time towards the end of the month.
Owen and Sydney- Just want to share a conversation I had with Owen on the way to Sydney's doctor appointment.

Owen- "Baby Sydney say, "ah"?"
Me- "Yes, she will."
Owen- "Baby Sydney check ears?"
Me- "Yes, the doctor will look in her ears."
Owen- "Baby Sydney check eyes?"
Me- "Yes the doctor will look in her eyes too and you are going to get to watch."
Owen- "Okay!"
Me- "Are you excited?"
Owen- "No.... I'm Owen!"

I couldn't contain the laughter... Oh, my sweet boy. He does love his sister. When she cries he likes to say, "It's okay baby Sydney." She likes to watch and listen to him too. I think he's going to provide her with some great entertainment. He's still jealous at times, but I think he's starting to realize that I will tend to his wants/needs eventually.

Hooray for the double jogger!
Highlights- We traveled to Florida for a wedding the first weekend in June. I was hesitant to go since I'd been feeling so rotten from the mastitis, but I'm glad that I went. Sydney traveled great and slept wonderfully in the hotel room. I was thankful for the rest.

It was a 7:00pm wedding so I was a little concerned I'd have a fuss bucket on my hands, but it was the ring sling to the rescue! I put her in the sling after her 7:30 nursing session and she conked out and slept through the entire reception. She has no idea that she danced the night away with her mommy.

It was also nice to get to spend some time talking with Patrick during the drive home. We aren't getting a lot of time together these days due to our schedules.

Love her.
I feel like I threw this post together really fast and that it doesn't really talk about Sydney all that much. Sorry baby girl. I'll do better next month (which is just a few days away really). Basically, life has been going crazy fast. We're all hanging on for dear life and just surviving. We love Sydney. It seriously blows my mind that she's already three months old.