Friday, May 8, 2015

38 weeks

Kind of silly to post this after the birth story. I figured I'd rather finish out the weekly pregnancy posts just to have it here on the ole blog. This late post was partially written before I delivered but never finished.

March 14, 2015 

Photo thoughts:
I'm starting to look puffy. I'm feeling puffy at times. However, I don't ever feel like I look as big as I feel when I see pictures of the bump.

Pregnancy symptoms:
I am ready for this pregnancy to be over. After the basement flooded from the washing machine on Thursday of this week, I became even more ready for a margarita. I'm ready to move like normal. Also, I want to maximize the amount of time that I have at home with this baby before I have to start my shifts back at work. I no longer get maternity leave now that I'm flexi so if I don't deliver in the next week then there is a good possibility that I'll be returning to work less than two months after delivery. I hate the idea of that. I'm already mourning the loss of my 12 weeks that I got with Owen. Why can't this baby get the same? I really, really hate it.

Don't think I realized until now that I really expect something to happen this week. For some reason, I've had this thought for my entire pregnancy that I wouldn't make it to 39 weeks. I'm starting to realize that I could totally be wrong and I need to prepare myself for the long haul.

Other symptoms: Contracting some. Thursday night I almost convinced myself that I smelled amniotic fluid when I went to the bathroom (TMI?- Sorry). I was thinking, "Great, I've managed to break my water from all the cleanup and work in the basement." Really, I think I just had my senses on high alert. My water wasn't broken. I had really regular contractions all day Friday that made me think that maybe I'd go into labor that night and not have to work Saturday. I took two Benadryl that night because I figured I needed good sleep if I was wrong. Obviously, I was wrong. I left work on Saturday night telling everyone that I hoped not to see them the following weekend! Ha!

Boy or girl:
I really wonder if I'm having a girl because this pregnancy has been different (even though it's not a drastic difference) but I completely doubt myself. Really, I just want this baby to be out so I can know for sure!

Food cravings:
I can't remember. I've been doing a better job with meal planning and grocery shopping the past few weeks. Patrick has been helping me follow through with the prep work when I feel exhausted. I'm glad I married a man that isn't afraid to cook. In fact, most of the time, he likes it!

Looking forward to:
Delivery! Come on baby!

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