Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2 Months with Sydney

Health and Growth- We haven't gone to our 2 month check up yet (I'm dreading the vaccines already!), but I can tell little girl is growing. Her onsies are getting tighter. She's about to outgrow her first handful of outfits. She's been healthy. She's still quite the spitter but seems less bothered by it now. If she's stays this way then I'm probably not going to ask for antacids.

Feeding- I'm trying really hard to make sure I keep a good milk supply up since I'm going back to work so soon. My supply really plummeted after I went back to work with Owen. I've been paying attention to get at least 7 feedings in a day. On the days she cluster feeds in the evening (which she hasn't done in a while), it's not hard to get enough feedings in. Obviously, I can't force feed her if she doesn't want it, so I'll have to consider adding a pumping session if she drops to 6 feeds a day.

Mimi giving Sydney a bottle
We got serious about our bottles around week 6. Up until then she'd had about one bottle a week, but wasn't taking them that well. I tried really hard to get her to take one a day starting at week 6 so that she'd be good by the time I went back to work. I think it worked pretty well.

Sleeping- I think she's been a great sleeper. At week 5 she slept through the night two nights in a row! It didn't happen again until she was 8 weeks, but I'll take it! Week 8 is also when I decided that it was time to move her out of the rock n play cradle. To help with the spitting, we put one side of her crib legs on wood boards. I also took a towel and rolled it lengthwise to make a U shape and help her feel snuggled and keep her from sliding down to the bottom. It seems to be working so far. I'll also note that we have an apnea monitor which is probably the only reason I'm okay with having a roll and blanket in her crib at times.

I can tell that she's about to consolidate her night time sleep too. For Owen, he consolidated after his 10pm feed and would sleep until 7am. I have a feeling baby girl has her own plans though. We've been trying to get her to eat at 10 or 11 and she is becoming less and less interested. It seems she wants to consolidate her sleep on the front end of the night. If she won't cooperate in a week or so then I think we'll throw in the towel and go with it. It just means that I have to get in bed earlier.

On the nights that she takes her last feeding of the day, she'll sleep until 5 or 6am. Other nights when she refuses she wakes at 3:45 or 4am. She goes right back to sleep afterwards and doesn't wake until we all get up for the day around 7:30.

Naps- She has her good days and her bad days. She always naps between feedings but it's not too consistent yet. I've started to notice a bit of a pattern as to when she will fall asleep though. Some naps are only 45 minutes and sometimes they are 2 hours. It's pretty typical for her age though.

Schedule- I appreciate having an idea of what my babies are going to do each day. It also gives me (and I think caregivers) some peace of mind when I head back to work which I did the day after Sydney turned 8 weeks. Some days don't go very predictably though. Growth spurts, vaccines, traveling, and holidays always make things look different but we always seem to make it back to a predictable routine.

Here's the schedule I left for Patrick when I went back to work. I also left a detailed schedule of how I manage both Sydney and Owen during the day but I'll spare you from reading that one!

Wake, Eat, Play
Wake, Eat, Play
Wake, Eat, Play
Wake, Eat, Play
Bedtime routine, Eat
Possible feeding

I put a question mark after the "dreamfeed" since I have a feeling it's going bye bye. Also, that will put us at only 6 feeds a day. My plan will be to pump before going to bed when that happens.

Owen and Sydney- Oh, how I love these two babies. Seeing them together melts my heart.

Watching big brother splash in the bathtub. She's ready to join!
Watching Owen try to give Sydney her paci is comical but below is Owen showing her Patricks headlamp.

"Look baby Sydney... red light!"

Owen also likes to snuggle on the couch while I nurse Sydney. I've caught him stroking her head or rubbing her feet. One time, when I caught him rubbing his hand across her head, he said, "Baby Sydney have soft hair!"

Highlights- We went to Dalton to see my family when Sydney was 6 weeks. She got to meet lots of her family and friends!

Uncle Randy

Aunt Nancy
Between 8 and 9 weeks we traveled to Chattanooga really quickly to see Uncle Carter graduate high school. She traveled really well!

We are starting to adjust to our new routine with two babies. I know that this next year is going to be a whirlwind. I'm just hanging on tight for the ride.

I've enjoyed watching Owen with Sydney. We love our walks at the park and through the neighborhood.

Going back to work was a big hurdle at 8 weeks but we survived. I cried and cried the Monday before I was supposed to go back to work. It just felt too soon which it was, but what can you do?

Mothers Day
We are now shifting into summer mode. Pray for us if you think about it! Life is about to get even crazier!

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