Tuesday, May 19, 2015

1 Month with Sydney

Health and Growth- Her birth weight was 7lbs 10oz and I think she dropped to 7lbs 3oz before we left the hospital. At two weeks old she was already up to 8lbs 8oz and just shy of 22 inches.

My only concern so far is that she spits up a ton. I don't remember Owen spitting like she does. Our pediatrician told us just to watch her for now since she's not a candidate for antacids for a couple months. I'm not really sure about antacids though. I know it won't stop the spitting, but it will make her more comfortable if I notice that it bothers her. So far, it's just a laundry and stink issue.

Feeding- I'm so thankful that Sydney is a good nurser. I was relieved the very first time I fed her after birth because she latched on so well. I think the fact that she was born full term (unlike her brother) helped a lot in the feeding department. I've been nursing her every 2-3 hours and she's thrown in a few cluster feeds this month. The first cluster feed was at the 24 hour mark and the second was between 3 and 4 weeks of age.

Pumping- I pumped once in the hospital. She fed non stop for 4 hours straight before I called the nurse and asked for a pump. I hadn't really slept but a couple hours since birth and was falling asleep. I was worried that I was going to drop her but also in a lot of pain. I never once cursed while experiencing labor but I let one fly while latching her on and that's when I realized it was time to pump. I wish I had called sooner. I pumped, fed her with a spoon, and we both slept for 4 hours straight. The next morning I found blisters on both nipples. I'm pretty sure this happened because I was falling asleep. She was sliding off but still trying to nurse and it was a shallow latch that then gave me blisters. It was horrible. They opened up when I got home from the hospital and it was probably five or six days before I noticed that nursing wasn't painful anymore.

After my initial pumping session in the hospital, I waited to pump again until around day 4 when I started to have some engorgement. I didn't really get serious about pumping for a freezer stash until after she turned 3 weeks. My method is to pump in the morning with the first feed of the day. I nurse her on one side and pump on the other.

Sleeping- Sydney sleeps in the rock n play cradle and I'd say she sleeps as much as you can expect a newborn to sleep. I think I'm going to keep her in her cradle for a while because of the spit up. She was in our room for the first two weeks and now she sleeps in her room. I sleep better when I can't hear all her little grunts, sighs, and movement. She is noisy! We had some initial day and night confusion but it worked itself out by the time she was 3 weeks old. I'm tired but have found that if I will nap in the afternoon when Sydney and Owen are both sleeping, then I can function pretty well.

Naps- Napping was just about all Sydney did for the first couple weeks of life. Around week three she started to wake up to the world around her and have some longer wake time. She naps in her room (in the rock n play) when we are home but there have been plenty of naps in the Boba carrier (more on that new love later) and in her car seat.

A lot of baby wearing and a lot less cleaning have been going on!
Schedule- I've kind of been amazed at how quickly Sydney established a little rhythm to her day. I think part of it has to do with Owen. Nothing like having a 2.5 year old around to get your day started bright and early. We start our day around 7:30 and she eats at least every 3 hours during the day. Sometimes she cluster feeds in the evening.

Owen and Sydney- Owen was a little out of sorts after being passed around while I was in the hospital and got clingy for a couple days. However, after that I felt like he ignored Sydney. Then I began to notice that he would giggle at her any time she made a noise during the day. Then some temper tantrums flared up around week 2 when I couldn't meet his wants immediately. The tantrums continued occasionally for the rest of the month. He patted me on the arm once when I was holding Sydney and said, "No mommy, put back." He calls her, "Baby Sydney." While he hasn't wanted to hold her or touch her when we ask, I've caught him rubbing her head or feet while I nurse her. I think he's warming up to her. I'm excited to watch their relationship develop.

Oh, let's not forget that we potty trained Owen when Sydney was 3 weeks old!
Playtime in Chef Owens kitchen.
Daddy and Owen gave Sydney her first tub bath.

Highlights- We took a trip to the beach when Sydney was just a couple weeks old. It was fantastic to recover from giving birth at the beach with extra hands to help out. Packing and getting there was quite the undertaking, but we made it! It was nice to spend some time with my family. Owen had a blast. He got plenty of attention and I think it helped cushion the blow to his little ego about not being the only child anymore.

Sleeping with Daddy
Meeting Uncle Carter

We are in love with our little girl. I already can't imagine life without her. I'll admit, I'm looking forward to less sleepless nights though! 

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