Tuesday, March 10, 2015

37 weeks

March 7, 2015

Full term!!!

Photo thoughts:
I still have room (even when sitting) at the top of my abdomen. I wish I had gotten a haircut, but I was planning it for the week that my boys got sick. Now I've decided just to wait. Long hair helps hide puffy face anyway, right?

Pregnancy symptoms:
Terrible back pain Monday that I'm so glad went away. I couldn't do anything except sit on the couch with my heating pad. I think it was a combination of side sleeping, baby position, and that my back needed to pop. I managed to pop my back Tuesday and the pain instantly got better. It's not 100% but I can function like a normal person. Let's see... other than that, some heartburn, excitement about being term, ready to know what we're having, nesting some, and noticed some swelling this week. There was one morning that I woke up puffy faced and then I couldn't put my rings on. I made sure to increase my fluids and the swelling got better. I'm wearing my rings again!

Okay, bonus picture! I snapped this before my walk Monday. I wanted to enjoy some fresh air before the rain hit!

37 weeks, 1 day and Patrick working on a little project behind me:)
Boy or girl:
Everybody, including my patients, keep telling me it's a girl. I think it's to the point now that I'm going to be more surprised if this baby pops out with a package than without. I seriously don't care either way, but I'm ready to know!

Food cravings:
Hmm... I ate normal this week.

Best moment of the week:
So much.... Can't choose just one! It started off Sunday with surprise gifts from church youth for baby. It was unexpected and so sweet. We mostly received diapers, wipes, baby wash, and other necessities. It was all perfect.

My OB appointment went well. My blood pressure was up a little from my normal baseline, but not bad. However, I drank a lot of coffee prior to my appointment (like I could feel my heart racing) and I was talking to the nurse while she took my pressure. It was kind of exciting to talk about delivery with my doctor. Can't believe we're getting so close!

Saturday, my sweet coworkers and friends threw me a baby shower while at work. It was perfect and I'm so grateful to them especially since I haven't been back on days very long or even working that much. There is also something about having diapers and wipes in the closet that makes me feel ready.
Looking forward to:
Actually, I'm kind of enjoying the anticipation of being full term. I never got to experience this with Owen since he came early. It caught us off guard. I never had the thought, "Could today be the day?" Patrick said people ask him multiple times a day if we have a baby yet. He said it's fun to respond with, "Nope, any day now!"

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