Thursday, March 5, 2015

35 weeks

February 21, 2015

Photo thoughts:
Yep. I'm in my PJ's. Really outgrowing my T-shirts. I might have to dig through Patricks shirts soon.

Pregnancy symptoms:
Still having a hard time staying asleep but I enlisted the help of Benadryl and seem to be doing a little better.

Boy or girl:
Ugh... Ready to find out! It sure would make the naming process easier! We have no idea what we will name this sweet baby.

Besides the extra bowl of cereal here and there, I'm not craving anything odd. My appetite is back which is probably to help this baby pack on some pounds during the home stretch of this pregnancy.

Best moment of the week:
My doctor came prancing into my appointment cheering, "35 weeks! No NICU stay for this baby!" It makes me happy that she recognizes how thankful I am that I'm not contracting and cruising through this pregnancy totally differently. Also, I gained almost 3 pounds! I can feel it too. This baby is growing in there.

Looking forward to:
Patrick getting home and not having to work Thursday.

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