Wednesday, March 4, 2015

34 weeks

February 14, 2015

Photo thoughts:
These pictures are starting to make me frustrated that the new home for our laundry basket seems to be in our bedroom next to the dresser...Anyone else noticed that? haha. Going to make an effort to put it away.

Pregnancy symptoms:
Terrible sleep and a terrible appetite this week. Nothing sounded good so I've been digging into the cereal (like 2-3 times a day).

Boy or girl:
It's still easy for me to imagine a boy but kind of exciting to think that I could be totally wrong.

Cereal with cold milk anytime of day.

Best moment of the week:
Hanging out with this boy. We picked up balloons for the Girls Be My Valentine Party at the youth house on Friday. He thought it was fun to play with the balloons at first, but then he wanted them out of the car and couldn't understand why I didn't remove them immediately. Such a funny kid.

 I'm really soaking up these last few days of him being my one and only. Also, bonus bump pic!

No laundry basket! Score!

Looking forward to:
Hmm... I'm not really looking forward to Patrick leaving me next weekend, but I am excited about being so close to 35 weeks. It means that if baby were to come that we wouldn't be required to have a stay in the NICU.

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