Monday, February 2, 2015

32 weeks

January 31, 2015

Photo thoughts:
I'm 32 weeks and 1 day in the above photo. Proud of myself for snapping the picture even though I'd been sick the night before. Pretty sure I got food poisoning from my lunch at work. I ended up clocking out at 6:00. Luckily, we weren't too busy. I feel like this baby is smaller at this stage than Owen was and also hanging out a little lower. Maybe I'm just remembering things wrong, but that's how it feels right now. I've got an appointment later this week to check on the little bean so we'll see how things measure out.

Pregnancy symptoms:
Let's see... Poor sleep, random braxton hicks, and random "nesting" energy. For example, I cleaned out our closet and underneath our bathroom sink last week. Why? I don't know. I'm very thankful for my energy level because I don't remember having that much at this stage with Owen.

Boy or girl:
EVERYONE says girl. I think I'm starting to agree just because I hear people say "she" all the time.

Food cravings:
Ugh... don't really feel like talking about food right now as I'm recovering from stomach crud. I catered to a craving this week that is stereotypical of pregnant women.... I ate pickles. They were the bomb.

Best moment of the week:
Thursday. The whole day. It was great. We slept in. I made pancakes. We ran downtown really quickly so I could get my TB skin test read for work. Then we took Owen to the zoo. We practically had the place to ourselves.

Then we ate lunch at Brick n Tin. Delicious. We followed lunch with nap time back home and then headed out to our standing "date night" dinner with friends.

Looking forward to:
I feel like this week just got busy all of the sudden and I'm a little overwhelmed by it. I work Thursday which makes me sad, but I've got to get my 12 shifts in before this little one is born. I guess it's sad that I don't know what I'm looking forward to now that my beloved "Thursday" is being taken away from me. Maybe I can squeeze in some good rest with my family on Friday afternoon and evening.

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