Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Registering- What I'd still want...

If I had it to do over again, I would still get this stuff.

Crib with mattress
Waterproof mattress pads (2)
Sheets (2-3) 
Crib skirt
Bumper pad
Rocking chair
Changing pad
Changing pad covers (2)
Diaper pale with bags
Diaper caddy
Sound machine
Baby size hangers for closet

Other Sleep Stuff
Rock-n-play cradle
Pack-n-play sheets (2)
Aiden and Anias muslin blankets (3)
SwaddleMe blankets (3)
Halo Sleep sacks (3)

Bath time and grooming
Bath sponge (for before the cord falls off and quick "spit baths" later)
Hooded towels (3-4)
Wash cloths (6-8)
Baby wash (Just get the head to toe stuff)
Baby grooming kit (safety first)

Out and about
Diaper Bag (2-one that dad can carry and not feel silly but one that is cute for mom)
Car seat
Car seat base (possibly 2)
Frame stroller
Bob stroller (only if you are a jogger/runner or have a walking trail with rough terrain)
Umbrella stroller  
Car mirror 

Bottles (6)
Bottle brush(es)- I love munchkin brand
Bibs (colorful multi-pack)
Burp cloths (Gerber cloth diapers and a pack of Aden and Anias)
High chair
Bowl with lids (3)
Spoons and Forks (3 of each)
Sippy cups- I'm a take and toss girl
Snack cups (2)
Plates (3)

Newborn size diapers (not a ton, like 2 boxes)
Size 1 diapes
Cloth diapers (18)
Wipes (Pampers sensitive)
Hand sanitizer (2-3)

Play mat
Infant seat (Bumbo)
Doorway Jumper

Stocking the medicine cabinet
Butt paste (extra strength)
Gas drops
Saline nose drops
Bulb syringe
Infant Tylenol
Infant Advil
Teething tablets
Orajel teething swabs and ointment
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton swabs

Newborn sleep gowns (3-4; great for middle of the night diaper changes)
Newborn hats (3-4)
Just a few clothes. People will most likely buy you a ton.

Breastfeeding and pumping mom
Nursing bras that are sturdy and can be worn outside of the house (2)
Nursing bras that you can sleep in (2-3)
Nursing tanks (white, black, and grey)
Boppy covers (2)
Nursing covers (2)- one for the house and one that I kept in my pump/diaper bag)
Soothies (perfect for soreness during the first few weeks of breastfeeding)
Hands free pumping bra
Large bottles that you can pump into- I purchased four 8oz bottles.
Sterilizer bags for the microwave

Seems like a lot. You can certainly get by with less. Every mom out there has her favorites so do what you think is right for you.

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