Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

Well, hello there everyone. Also, happy new year! Yep, this old blog is still functional after all:)

I didn't plan such a long break from blogging. I started having computer issues the week of Thanksgiving. Rather than get worked up about it, I decided to take a little break, enjoy the holidays, and come back when I felt like I wouldn't be overwhelmed. I'm still slightly overwhelmed by the amount of catchup I need to do to fill in the last few weeks. I guess it just means all of you will get plenty of content for the next few weeks. Once again, I've got pregnancy stuff to catch up on. Also, look for a nursery update, foyer update, and a little DIY product review.

Want an idea? It relates to the following.

Ugh, so much to write! I shouldn't have been storing so much junk on my computer. Patrick has ordered an external hard drive that should help with the memory issues that were causing my whole computer to either lock up or shut down.

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