Friday, January 16, 2015

29 weeks

January 10, 2015

Photo thoughts:
This was taken before I left for church Sunday. I'm 29 weeks and 1 day and that isn't even a maternity dress. Made me feel good to be able to wear it!

Pregnancy symptoms:
I've been feeling really good this week. My energy is up, I'm sleeping well, and I went back to work Saturday for my first shift since Christmas. It felt good to go back. I'm a daytime girl. Don't know how I survived over a year of weekend night shifts. Also, we've been free of nasty colds in this house for a few weeks now! Hoping I didn't just jinx us...

Boy or Girl:
Patrick said this past week that he thinks he leans towards boy.

Food cravings:
No cravings. I'm happy to report that I've been eating really normal this past week. It helps to have night shifts and the holidays behind me. I feel like we're getting back to our normal routine.

Best moment of the week:
My Doctor appointment went really well. Baby is growing right on track. The heartbeat was perfect. My blood pressure was great (100/70). I was happy to report that I'm not contracting. My doctor actually called me skinny. Hey, I'll take it! I'm actually just 5lbs shy of what I weighed when I delivered Owen so I'm sure I'll surpass that number this time.

Most looking forward to:
Anniversary (7 years!), hospital tour, and my sister coming to visit this weekend while Patrick is out of town.

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