Saturday, January 10, 2015

26 weeks

December 20, 2014

Owen had his 2 year old check up this week. He was pretty funny during the whole thing. He kept asking to go. Then he'd ask for his pants. He knew what was coming. The picture below is Patrick trying to explain that we couldn't go until we saw the doctor. So fun trying to reason with a two year old.

Photo thoughts:
First of all, don't expect any pictures of me from the week. I'm failing at me mission to document over here! Secondly, when did my baby get this big? He seems to be meeting all is milestones. We had minor discussions about discipline, potty training, and diet with his doc. He doesn't have to go back to the doctor until he's 3! However, we will be starting up all over again sometime in March or April I suppose.

I'm also going to add a picture of this really sweet post viral rash Owen had on the day of his visit. You can't see it in the other two pics. I kind of felt bad taking him in for a well visit looking so rough. It was just proof that my little man hasn't been feeling too great lately.

Pregnancy symptoms:
I've been feeling so much better every day. My energy is returning, my cough is going away, and I've been able to cook and clean. I've even been sleeping like a rock. It's great. I guess I should also mention that I'm not contracting. I've had several people ask me that lately since it was about this time last pregnancy that contractions entered into the picture. I've felt a few, but nothing like my last pregnancy at this point. I'm thinking it'll stay that way. I think my contractions had a lot to do with being on my feet for long hours 3-4 times a week.

Boy or girl:
Owen told me he thought it was a baby girl.

Food cravings:
I feel like my appetite has calmed down a lot in the past week. I haven't been waking up in the middle of the night starving either. That's always a strange part of pregnancy for me. I think I'm slowly heading towards the part of pregnancy where food just won't fit in my stomach the way I'd like. Getting kind of close the the third trimester! Eek!

Best moment of the week:
I'm finally starting to feel better! We had the staff over to our house Tuesday for a Christmas breakfast that we do every year and then I actually made it out of the house to be social on Wednesday night.

Looking forward to:
Christmas! Can't wait to hang out with family, work a day shift, and then spend several days with my family at my parents house. I will finally meet sweet little Annie!

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