Friday, January 9, 2015

25 weeks

December 13, 2014

It was another rough week around here. Owen and I just can't seem to shake these nasty colds. I am seriously boycotting church nursery for a while (maybe the remainder of my pregnancy). I have absolutely no bump picture to show you. I was not in a photogenic mood since I was fighting body aches, fever, and snot all week. I have pictures of my pitiful baby though.

Lining up his blankets after nap. He didn't want to get out of his crib.

Ha! You can see half of my face. I had to run errands and he was out within two minutes of getting in the car.
Photo thoughts:
My little man and I were quite the pair this week. I remember thinking that I might cry in the middle of the grocery store this week. My body hurt, I was having cold sweats, but we needed food so I sucked it up.  

Pregnancy symptoms:
How about we just re-label this one "cold symptoms" since I've now had three during this pregnancy with each one taking at least two weeks to recover from. I've coughed so much in the last few months that Patrick says I need a lung transplant.

Boy or girl:
No clue. Haven't had any time to think about it. I'm surviving.

Best moment of the week:
I worked my last night shift! I was scheduled to work Friday and Saturday but only made it to my Saturday shift. I was too sick Friday. I had all over body aches and spent the majority of the day in bed. It was a great feeling to get off Sunday morning and know that I'd be off until Christmas and that I wouldn't be putting my body through any more torture. Night shift just isn't for me folks!

Also, side note... My sister graduated from Grad school! I didn't get to see my family while they were here, but I don't think they would've wanted my germs anyway. Also, now that I think about it, I don't think I even mentioned to any of them that I'm sick. It's been one of those weeks...  

Looking forward to:
I can't wait to feel better, to enjoy some time off for the holidays, and to get some things in order for this little one on the way.

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