Thursday, January 8, 2015

24 Weeks

December 6, 2014

I don't think I have a good picture of my belly this week. So you get to see a snotty Owen sitting by the Christmas tree! I have a pic that I'll post at the bottom, but I'm wearing dark clothing and you just can't see anything.

Photo thoughts:
I love this little boy.

Pregnancy symptoms:
Nothing major. Does placenta brain count? I really can't seem to walk into a store and come out with everything I planned to purchase even if I have a list in my hand. I forget key ingredients every week and have to send Patrick to the store to grab what I forgot.

Boy or girl:

Food cravings:
Anything sweet which maybe that means I should change the above statement to girl... Let me tell you, it was soooo hard to say no to the peanut butter rice crispy treat with the chocolate on top when I was at Newks eating with my Dgroup this week. All I kept thinking was, "No, you have your glucose test in the morning!" Ugh... my mouth waters just thinking about it.

Best moment of the week:
I passed my glucose test on Thursday morning:) No gestational diabetes for me! Also, seeing that baby is developing on track and that the cysts are gone was nice as well even though I was never worried about it in the slightest. Also, once again, I avoided the temptation to find out the gender.

Looking forward to:
I want to feel better! I started feeling bad again at the end of this week. I traveled to Dalton to see my brother sing in Candlelight at McCallie on Friday night and I knew by the time I left Saturday morning that the sickness was on its way yet again. My shift Saturday night went okay, but I know it's just the beginning. I'm really hoping that once I get off of night shift my immune system will improve.

Left to right: yours truly, Carter, and John

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