Wednesday, January 7, 2015

23 weeks

November 29, 2014  (Thanksgiving Week)

22 weeks and some change.
Photo thoughts:
I had been feeling like I was way bigger at this point than I was with Owen until I snapped this picture. I have a very similar picture that I posted on instagram when I was about the same gestational age with Owen and the two shots are pretty similar. People have been commenting that I'm carrying this baby exactly the same. Also, we might need to get used to the mirror selfies and a two year old Owen on my hip. It's hard to remember to give the camera to Patrick for pics. We've been so busy!

Pregnancy symptoms:
I'm not gonna lie. It's been rough lately. I just feel worn down. I can't really tell if it is the pregnancy, the fact that I've been sick, or that Owen has been sick, or that I'm working night shifts. I guess I'll blame all of the above. Right now, I desperately want energy. I think the hardest part of pregnancy for me is slowing down. I hate feeling like I can't do things.

Boy or Girl: 
I'm thinking boy lately. I know most people are thinking girl, but I'm just thinking it's a boy. Also, I've really started thinking about how awesome it would be to have another boy. We've got all the boy clothes that we need. 

Food cravings:
I'm changing this to plain old cravings since there really aren't any aversions anymore. It's just eat whatever sounds good. Unfortunately, that's just about everything. I'm trying to be good though! My glucose test is next week. This week was rough because of it being a holiday week. Bonus: I got to wear stretchy pants with no button during Thanksgiving:) Also, I must post a pic of the awesome pumpkin pancakes that I made per Patricks request on Thanksgiving morning. Yummy!

Best moment of the week:
I actually had fun at work this weekend. It's been a while since that has happened! I love my job, but I've had some crazy shifts here lately with some tough situations. Luckily, it was slower than normal so I got to spend some time decorating the unit for Christmas.

Looking forward to:
Getting to decorate our home for Christmas! Also, I get to have another ultrasound next week to check on little bit. The plan is for me to drink my glucose drink, go for ultrasound, have my appointment, and then check my blood sugar. Hope I pass this time!

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