Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Little Blue Truck Birthday Party

As I mentioned yesterday, we had Owen's party last Thursday. One of his favorite books from the past year has been Little Blue Truck. We decided to go with that as our theme. I placed one of the invitations in a frame by the front door to help remind people of the "theme".

 Patrick designed the invitations. He did a great job with it!

We served up two crock pots full of chili along with pigs in a blanket for the little ones who probably wouldn't eat chili. I added a chocolate fountain to the menu after coming across our chocolate fountain while cleaning out for baby number two. We've never used it even thought we've had it for our entire marriage. I immediately decided we were breaking it out of the box.

We used small cake doughnuts to represent the line, "His heavy duty dump truck tires were sunk down deep in muck and mire". I also added some strawberries and thick pretzel sticks just because who doesn't love those dipped in chocolate?

Patrick's margaritas were present again this year. Adults only though! Love that he made a sign this year after last year when one child walked up and thought it was lemonade. Luckily, we caught him before he drank any. We learned our lesson.

And of course, there was cake. I ordered cupcakes this year instead of a sheet cake. There were way too many left over. I think everyone got their sugar fill from the fountain. Owen really enjoyed his though. Well, the icing anyway:)

I enlisted Patrick's mom to make cookies as the party favors again this year. This time they were little blue trucks and little red 2's. They were so cute!

I think that about wraps up the party info. Owen had fun and I think everyone else did too. It was so funny to compare his response this year to last year. He was definitely way more interested in opening his presents. Also, he totally nailed blowing out his own candle. 

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