Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Checklist and Registry {Second Baby}

I've already started thinking about what I'm going to need and want for baby #2. We really aren't going to need much, but there are a few things that I've been considering. Some of it is a stretch and not necessary, but maybe I'll splurge somewhere. This baby shouldn't have all hand-me-downs, right? Also, I've decided to go ahead and create a registry at Target and Pottery Barn Kids. I figure I should take advantage of the perks like the $50 coupon savings booklet and 15% off completion offer.

The Nursery:
Crib/Crib Mattress- We are going to get an extra crib that my parents have since they have two at their house. I'm actually going to put Owen in it since it has a dark stain and then I'll put the white crib in the new nursery. I just feel like white is more gender neutral. We will need to buy a new crib mattress to go with it though.

Twin Bed- We are also getting a twin bed that my sister has been using in her apartment. She's moving out mid December after she finishes school. I'm thinking we'll set up the twin bed on the other side of Owen's room since the rocking chair will be relocated to the new nursery. It'll be nice to be ready for the transition to big boy bed whenever that comes. 

Crib Bedding: Crib Sheets (2-3)/Crib Skirt/Bumper pad- I've already picked out a crib sheet that I love and ordered the skirt and bumper pad from carousel designs. It arrived a few weeks ago. I've shocked myself by already having this done.

Waterproof Mattress Pads (2)- Since we aren't planning to move Owen out of his crib, we will need a couple more for this little one.

Dresser- I'm planning on moving the white dresser from our dining room into the new nursery to double as a changing station.

Changing Pad and Covers (2)- I'll probably just pick these up at target or buy buy baby.

Sound Machine- We love the one we have for Owen. We'll just grab a second one. Here's a link to it at Target.

Diapers- Since we won't use our cloth until this one is over 10 pounds, we'll need some newborn and size one diapers on hand.

Wipes- I love pampers sensitive wipes. It's all we use. Made the mistake of buying huggies once and it was a terrible mistake.

New Wet Bag- I've been wanting two wet bags for a while but haven't got around to buying one. With another baby on the way, I realized we are going to really need it. We purchased our second bag from Planet Wise. Here's a link.

New Pump Tubing- I'm hoping my new hospital has pump kits. I guess I should ask about that before delivery. It's nice to get insurance to pay for it.

New Pump Bag- This is one item that I'm thinking of splurging on. I absolutely hate my pump bag that I used with Owen. I had the messenger style bag by medela. It wouldn't have been my first pick because it doesn't zip shut, but I bought it off Craigslist. It is way too big (like it barely fit in my locker at work) and inconvenient because it doesn't have one of those nifty zipper compartments for easy access to the pump. Also, there are some really cute pump bags out there. They can be a little pricey. The prices I've seen range anywhere from $100 to $185. I'm considering bags that I've found on Etsy. Here is the link to the one pictured below.

Isn't that bag so much cuter than the bags that come with breast pumps these days? My only concern is that it too seems to be messenger style and I'm not sure it zips closed. Apparently she customizes though. These breast pump companies need to get on it and make some cute bags.
Milk Storage Bags- I used target brand with Owen and they worked great. They are also cheaper than a lot of other brands.

Bibs- I'm planning to purchase these after the baby is born (so we know what colors to buy). The bibs we've used with Owen are really ratty and stained.

New Diaper Bag- I've already got one (SkipHop brand) that I never used with Owen. It was given as a gift and I loved it too much to return it so I kept it since I knew we'd have other children one day. I'm sure we'll continue to use the old ones as well since they are in pretty good condition.

Double Stroller- I've done a little research on this. I have loved our Bob stroller for running and walking at the nearby parks, but I'm not sure what to do when I have two little ones. Plus, since I'm planning on having Owen in a preschool/mothers day out program next fall, I don't know if I'll need it. I'm wondering if I should consider something that's doesn't put the kids side by side. I've heard some complaints that the double Bob's are too wide. However, I've also heard that tandem styles can be unstable and prone to tipping over. Given that I always use the stroller outside (ie. not trying to get through tight isles or doorways), I'm thinking that wide shouldn't be a bother. So I'm back to thinking about a side by side double stroller but don't want to break the bank.

This is the baby trend expedition double jogger. It's priced at $189.99 at Target right now. The reviews are looking good. I like that it comes with cup holders and a compartment for keys/phone on the handle bar. I'm considering it after talking with a friend of mine who said that her sister in law loves it.

Infant carrier- We bought a bjorn carrier a few months after Owen was born. I liked it okay. The hard plastic in the back got uncomfortable very quickly for me. I didn't do very good research before Owen was born about baby wearing. For example, I didn't realize that having your baby in a face out position isn't actually a good position for baby in a lot of carriers (including the baby bjorn). I'm looking into Ergo carriers and Boba carriers this time. I'm thinking that baby wearing may be more of a necessity with child #2.

The ergo carrier pictured above is the new version which does allow baby to face out and maintain a knee even or above hip and C-shaped spine position. I also like how the ergo and boba carriers put the weight of the baby on your hips (similar to when you go backpacking). This means that my frame and not my muscles are what holds the baby. Both carriers also seem to have a good amount of padding in the shoulders.

Second Carseat- We will re-use the infant carseat carrier that we used with Owen, but then we'll need another one for later.

Soothies- Soothies are the best! Click here for a link. They are little gel pads that stick to your nips in the early days of breastfeeding. They do exactly what they say they do- soothe. I only used them for the first week and a half or so. I plan on stocking up with about 3 packs since each set lasts 3-4 days.

Breast pads- I still have my organic washable pads that I plan to re-use, but I'll need to grab a small pack of disposable for the early nursing days. I remember the engorgement and leaking as my body was adjusting and figuring out how much milk it actually needed to produce. Also, I preferred the flat pads as opposed the ones with creases in them. Target brand wins again in my book.

Colace- I had a bottle of this handy last time and I'm glad I thought ahead that way. I plan to do the same this time. It's a good idea to keep things nice and gentle on the postpartum tush.

Pads- I prefer Kotex brand because they have a more cotton like feel. I made the mistake of having a different brand handy when I got home from the hospital. I don't remember what it was, but they stuck to my rear and my stitches. Let me tell you, I only let that happen once before I was headed to the drug store to find a different option.

Some New Breastfeeding Friendly Tops- I didn't realize how picky I would be about breastfeeding before Owen was born. I just didn't put much thought into it. I quickly realized that I hated having to pull my shirt up to feed. This fact sent me to Target 6 days after Owen was born so that I could find some good tops. That was the fastest shopping I've ever done in there.

Mothers Milk Tea- I still have a little bit of this left from Owen, but I'll probably grab another box. Some people hate the taste, but I kind of liked it. I loved sipping on my tea while Owen was snuggled up nursing.

Raspberry Tea- I actually purchased this tea during my minor freak out after my 36 week appointment where my doctor told me that Owen was likely already 7 pounds. I drove all over town after that in search of this tea. I was freaked that Owen was going to stay in until after 40 weeks and be absolutely huge. I was only able to drink a cup (maybe two) that afternoon and evening. By the next day, I calmed down and didn't drink any and then my water broke that night. I ended up being left with an entire box of tea (well, minus a few more packs that I passed off to my friend Laurie who was still pregnant). However, I enjoyed drinking it during my maternity leave. It's supposed to help tone the uterus and decrease postpartum bleeding. Plus, I liked the taste.

There may be other items that I decide to replace after we get going with this little one but I think that does it for now. I'll have to update later with what we actually decide to splurge on and what we decide to forgo. After all, these little babies really don't need all these crazy gadgets. Some of it sure does make life easier though!

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  1. Great list!! I will be referring to this in the near future for sure!