Monday, November 24, 2014

22 weeks

November 22, 2014

This week was a lot of fun and busy! Owen turned 2 on Tuesday, on Wednesday I got the pleasure of hosting my dgroup for a Thanksgiving feast, and Thursday was Owen's birthday party here at the house as well.

Photo thoughts:
I'm pretty sure I'm bigger than I was with Owen at this point. Just second pregnancy I guess. My tummy muscles know what to do! Also, I feel like the girls don't seem as out of place. I think the belly helps balance things out:)

Pregnancy symptoms:
Varicose veins are looking terrible and painful at times. I'm so thankful that I don't have to wear shorts. I don't remember them hurting with Owen. It makes me sad to look at them but I try to remind myself that it's part of bringing life into the world and totally worth it. Heartburn is manageable with zantac. Sleep is great. Baby moves a lot. 

Boy or girl: 
We had a total of 9 little boys at Owen's birthday party. Among our friends that joined us, there wasn't a single girl. As we were sitting around watching them play, people began to speculate that maybe this baby is a girl because surely the odds are in our favor.

Food aversions/cravings:
I've decided I'm just picky and take forever to figure out what I want. Breakfast is pretty consistent with eggs on Ezekiel bread or oatmeal with blueberries. Lunch is hard. Sometimes I eat Owen's leftovers which usually consists of Publix brand chicken nuggets, apple slices, cheese, and carrots. Sometimes I make tomato soup. Every Wednesday, I eat a sandwich from Ashley Macs because my friend Mandy picks it up for me on her way over for Bible study. For dinner, I've been most enjoying the Publix baby kale salad kit. I have a hard time eating meat at night. If I'm going to eat meat at night, I prefer it to be steak. Also, if it's spicy, then it's even better. Of course, that doesn't really work that great with heartburn but I make do. We went out for Chipotle the other night and I almost devoured my entire bowl of brown rice, black beans, and steak (with a huge dollop of guacamole on top). It was so good. Hmm... Might need to do that again soon. Also, I should note that a cup of hot chocolate is a daily afternoon occurrence. Nothing too fancy- just good ole Swiss Miss.

Best moment of the week:
Hmm... This is hard. We had a lot of fun this week. I'd say Owen's birthday party. I busted out the chocolate fountain that we've had since we got married but never used. It was a hit even though I don't think I quite nailed down the consistency of the chocolate. It was a little on the clumpy side.

Looking forward to:
Thanksgiving. We had originally planned to travel to see my family, but a lot of their plans got shifted around. Plus, I have to work Friday and Saturday night after Thanksgiving. Now we are just going to stay here in town. I'm sure we'll be spending time with Patrick's family now. While I'm sad that I won't be seeing my family until after Christmas, I'm thankful that we get more of a down week coming after this week.

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