Wednesday, November 12, 2014

20 weeks

November 8, 2014

We ended this week with a trip to Auburn (without Owen). It was a pretty bad game, but Patrick and I had a lot of fun visiting friends, family, and catching up after a busy couple of weeks.

Photo thoughts:
War Eagle! haha.. Didn't get a bump picture. We were just too busy. However, I've got some pictures of us with family that show my whole body. I wasn't wearing a tight shirt though so the bump is still a little hidden.

Pregnancy symptoms:
There has been lot of movement in there lately. Patrick can feel it now which is always fun. I think he actually felt it right around 19 weeks, but he was sort of unsure about it. However, I caught some crazy moving on video and showed it to him later. It seems like every time I grab his hand and put it on my belly, the movement stops. Apparently, Daddy has a calming touch. However, this baby got to dancing pretty good this past weekend and he felt it for sure this time.

Boy or girl:
Feeling boy vibes now, but I think it's just because the tech called the baby a "he" at one point during the ultrasound. It could've been a total fluke. I mean, Patrick will refer to the baby as "he" as well and he definitely doesn't have a clue.

Food aversions/cravings:
I ate pork this week and I loved it! Big moment for sure. Highly recommend the pork and greens plate from Saw's BBQ Soul Kitchen. Yummy.

Best moment of the week:
Getting to peek at our little one! I did good and looked away when the tech went to measure the bones in the legs. I didn't want to risk catching a glimpse. We get to have another ultrasound at our next visit since the baby had some isolated choroid plexus cysts. I'm not complaining. If they want to make sure they disappear, then I'll just enjoy getting to see my baby again.

Looking forward to:
We are in the midst of party planning (not that we're doing anything fancy). Owen turns two in a week! I'm excited. We're just planning a low key night with friends and family here at the house. I'm probably going to serve up chili like I did for his birthday last year. I love having people over, especially the people that know us, love us, and have been with us the most during the past two years of parenting Owen. We have some amazingly loving friends who we really just couldn't do life without. Okay...we could, but we don't want to!

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