Tuesday, November 11, 2014

19 Weeks

November 1, 2014

Can't believe it's November or that Owen will turn 2 this month. Also, 19 weeks? This is happening fast!

Photo thoughts:
We moved back to the dining room for the photo. The bump is definitely growing! I feel like it is almost non existent in the morning and then it's really poking by the end of the day. Strange disappearing belly baby. Also, I'm wearing the shirt that I wore to the hospital before I had Owen. Yep, it's maternity as are the jeans.

Pregnancy symptoms:
I have had a little bit of it all... Lately, I just feel frustrated with being in the "in between" state. It's hard feeling fat but not pregnant. I'm not really needing maternity clothes or necessarily looking pregnant enough for them but, oh my goodness, elastic waistbands feel soooo amazing! I busted out the maternity jeans for my retreat last weekend and I've decided that there's no looking back. Don't care.

Boy or girl:
I'm still feeling girl vibes. I think the nausea (only thrown up twice though!), the lack of zits on my face, and sweet food cravings have me thinking that something is different this time. I had zero nausea with Owen. My face broke out around 10 or 11 weeks with him and I spent the rest of my pregnancy combating the problem. Also, I ate my normal foods for the most part (with the addition of a glass of chocolate milk towards the end of my pregnancy). This time the nausea got pretty bad at times. I can still start gagging from bad smells and I usually have a strong stomach (nurse remember?). Also, SWEETS. I need them every day. Gestational diabetes might be in my future... just sayin.

Food aversions/cravings:
My aversions are slowly disappearing and my cravings are increasing. Hello crazy appetite! This baby must be experiencing a growth spurt. I've indulged way to much I'm afraid. Weight gain may look a little different with this pregnancy.

Best moment of the week:
There were some great moments this week. I guess taking Owen trick or treating was the highlight. It was so much fun and I was so thankful to be off work to experience it with him. He picked out his pirate costume for the occasion and we went with friends. Owen was confused at first and wanted nothing to do with carrying around a bag until after the first house. Once he realized that people were going to put candy in that bag, he held it with a death grip.

Looking forward to:
Anatomy scan is next week. Even though we aren't finding out what this baby is, I'm pretty excited to peek in on our little one. 

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