Wednesday, October 1, 2014

9 Weeks

August 23, 2014

Can't believe I'm posting these again! We just got back from the beach where we shared the news with Patrick's parents. We told my parents, my younger brother, and sister the week before. It's a little earlier than what we thought we'd share, but we felt good about it. I got an ultrasound while in Dalton that showed a heartbeat. It was technically my second ultrasound since I took a peek at work and saw a heartbeat a few days before our trip to Dalton. I'll post the picture at the end. I've also shared the news with a few close friends. I think the miscarriage has us willing to share sooner for some reason. We understand that it can be good if a few people know regardless of how it turns out.

Photo Thoughts: Probably not the best angle, didn't take a shower, no makeup, and so I feel beautiful! haha. However, there is a bump forming down there already! It's crazy but true. Apparently my body is already producing hormones to relax my tummy muscles and since they've done this before, it won't take nearly as much work to convince them to pop out. Also, lots of fried shrimp = extra bulge.

Pregnancy symptoms: I've definitely been experiencing more nausea this time around. It started around week 6 and has gotten a lot better this week. I haven't thrown up, but I haven't felt that great. I've also been tired. I had some cramping like I had with Owen early on, but it went away after a couple of weeks.

Boy or Girl: The nausea had me thinking girl for a little while there, but I've been thinking boy lately. It may just be because it's easier for me to picture since that's what we have.

Food aversions/cravings: Meat has been gross to me once again. I've found myself craving carbs and Gatorade. I think my cravings have been all about how nauseated I've felt.
Size of baby: We were able to get a good picture of our baby while we were in Dalton. I was 7 weeks, 2 days at the time. We saw a good heartbeat. Everything is looking good with this little one and we are so thankful.
Ultrasound at 7 weeks, 2 days
Obviously, our little bean is bigger now but I wanted to document the blurry ultrasound picture anyway:)

Best moment from the week: Can I just say being at the beach? It wasn't really a moment, but it was really nice to chill out. 

Looking forward to: I'm looking forward to my first OB visit with my new doctor. I'm a little anxious. It feels weird to go somewhere else, but I've heard great things about this doctor.

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