Monday, October 20, 2014

15 weeks

October 4, 2014

This was a frustrating week because Owen came down with another cold this week. I'm so tired of this crud! By the end of the week Patrick was sick too. I'm hoping I can dodge this one, but I know my chances are slim. I'm very close to keeping Owen out of the church nursery for a while. We just really need a break and time to get better.

Photo thoughts:
Sorry for the blurry, non-bump photo. This was Owen and I going out for a drive because he was so dang cranky. I needed a break and a trip to the Starbucks drive through sounded like just the ticket. Owen fell asleep before I made it five minutes down the road. This was a good two hours before his normal nap time. So I bought my coffee and drove around for about 45 minutes to enjoy the blissful silence.

Pregnancy symptoms:
Sore boobs. That's my #1 right now.

Boy or Girl:
I have no idea. Most people that I talk to tell me they think it's a girl.

Food aversions/cravings:
I'm still enjoying all things pumpkin flavored. I made pumpkin spice cookies this week.

Best moment of the week:

Looking forward to:
Everyone in this house feeling better!

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