Tuesday, October 7, 2014

13 Weeks

September 20, 2014

First of all, happy birthday to my brother Carter! haha... He won't read this and I won't post this until after his birthday, but whatever! This week was better than the last couple. Owen and I turned the corner and started feeling better. Although I did take him to the pediatrician on Monday to make sure he didn't have an ear infection (he didn't). Also, Patrick and I were able to share the news with our remaining family and some friends.

"Go? Go? Go?" He must have asked a million times.
Photo thoughts: Should I just delete this now? haha... I really am going to do better. Maybe I'll just document the way Owen changes throughout this pregnancy. The picture above is from our doctor visit. He doesn't like the doctor at all. He screamed the minute we walked back to the scale. I had to stand on the scale with him in my arms to be weighed and then put him down so that they could determine the difference for his weight.

Pregnancy symptoms: The girls have started acting up. They feel huge and sore sometimes. I was hoping I could avoid this symptom this time, but no. I know they are just gearing up for another round of feeding a baby, but it hurts!

Boy or girl: I started thinking girl this week.

Food aversions/cravings: Steak and some types of chicken are in! Pork is a no no. This is progress though! No real cravings to note right now.

Size of baby: I performed an ultrasound on myself Friday night. I had trouble with the printer on the ultrasound though. I guess I should have snapped a picture with my phone. I was shocked at how big this little one looked. It reminded me of what Owen looked like between 14 and 15 weeks. Seriously, I was surprised.

Best moment of the week: I got my hair cut (yay for shorter hair again!). Also, my friend had a baby and I got to snuggle her (the baby) before work on Friday. It was a good start to my shift.

Looking forward to: Announcing on the blog. I'm getting tired of storing up all these posts especially when I'm struggling to find time to post any other content. It looks like I'm doing nothing over here:)

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