Monday, October 6, 2014

12 Weeks

September 13, 2014

It's been a busy week. Patrick was out of town at the beginning for breakaway planning. I got to work painting the basement while he was gone. I'm still recovering from a cold that I forgot to mention last week. First dgroup meeting was Wednesday, carpet was installed Thursday, and we really didn't start sharing the news like we thought we would. I'm hoping that I'll get in touch with my brother next week. We're also planning on having dinner with Patrick's family Monday night so we'll get to tell Patrick's brother then.

Photo thoughts: Another Owen picture. I'm doing terrible at documenting... I promise nothing really looks different though. I've got the same muscle pooch. I haven't gained any weight yet.

Pregnancy symptoms: The nausea is gone, but my fatigue is still hanging around. I've skipped out on running a lot lately. I have managed to get out in the neighborhood and at least walk a few times. Perhaps this will be my new normal for a while. Running just sounds super exhausting. Also, Owen and I still have a stupid cold sticking around. I'm sure that's sucking energy from me too. And can I just complain for a second about how Tylenol does nothing? Okay, thanks. It probably doesn't help either that I pushed myself big time to finish painting the basement bedroom before the carpet went in Thursday.
Sad face that I was painting without my partner in crime (aka: Caroline)
So we have cramping, nausea, fatigue, and a few midnight runs to the potty for the symptom list so far. What fun!

Boy or girl: Um... I seriously have no clue... Boy?

Food aversions/cravings: Meat is nasty. All of it. Don't even want to cook it because then I'd have to touch it. Gross.

Size of baby: The size of a plum. A little over 2 inches long.

Best moment of the week: There were lots of good moments this week. I'll go with getting carpet. ha... I'm so old.

Looking forward to: Getting the news out next week will be a good thing. It's time. Also, I'm getting my hair cut next week. It's the small things sometimes.

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