Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stitch Fix {my 2nd fix}

I had my second experience with stitch fix a few weeks ago. If you missed it, you can read about my first fix here.

I was excited to open my second box.

Even more excited when I saw the prints peeking out.

I guess I should go ahead and mention that I did make some requests for this fix. I asked for a denim jacket to replace my old worn out one from college that I quit wearing forever ago but have missed. I also asked for some maxi skirts. In addition, I changed my style profile to decrease the amounts to "the cheaper the better". I wanted to see if this changed anything with the prices. Spoiler alert: It didn't, but I think it's because I didn't make a note of it to the stylist. Plus, I had made a lot of other specific requests already so it might have been tough.

Okay, let's get started. The first two things I tried on were the knit-back tank and the black maxi skirt.

Oh, I have pictures for you guys even though I find it mortifying. Forgive the angles. I had Patrick snap them from the couch with my phone while he was watching the debut of the SEC network. What a man for letting his wife butt in with some modeling, right? haha

Hmm... Forgive the facial expression too? lol. I think I'm dying right now.... I decided to keep the black maxi, but not the top. It's the same one from my first fix, but a different print. While I love the first one, I didn't want to be repetitive.

Moving on...I then paired the same maxi skirt with a green top from my closet and the denim jacket.

I liked the jacket a lot. It got a smile:)

The jacket is a little big, but a smaller size probably wouldn't fit me through the shoulders. I was on the fence. Next I tried on the crochet detail tank with the printed maxi skirt. Yes, my stylist sent me two different maxi skirts. When you ask, they deliver!

While I liked the top of the blue tank, I didn't like the shape on me. It was too big and made me look really boxy. I was thinking of sending back the skirt too. However, Patrick convinced me to keep the maxi skirt. He liked it a lot.

Here is a picture of the price rundown.

I was a little shocked. It was more than my first fix. Now if I ever got a box where I could keep all five items, that would be awesome. The 25% discount makes a difference.

At this point, I haven't scheduled a third fix. I'm sure I'll do it again in the future, but I'll definitely be making a note about prices to the stylist. I don't mind paying above what I listed occasionally (like if my stylists sees something she thinks I'll love), but I'd like for most items to stick to the pricing I chose. Like I said earlier though, they may not have noticed the change in price request and I made some specific item requests. The jacket that I requested ended up being the most expensive item.

Overall, still a fun experience and I still added a few things to my closet that I love.

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