Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stitch Fix {my first fix}

About a month ago I signed up for something called Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix

For those of you who don't know, Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service for women. For $20 you get 5 items shipped to your door. You have three days to decide if you will keep any of it. The $20, which is a styling fee, goes towards anything you keep.

I decided to try it out because
  • I have never really liked shopping for clothes. I have to be in the right mood and I have to know exactly what I'm looking for. Add Owen to the mix and you can pretty much forget about it.
  • A lot of my staples have worn out. I had to throw out a pair of jeans at the beginning of spring because they had a hole in them. Unfortunately, the same fate has been true of a lot of items. At least I know that I wear what I have! I wear it until it's worn out.
  • I wanted to explore a bit by branching out from my normal stores (Old navy, Banana Republic, Loft, Target) 
I had first read about this service when I was pregnant with Owen and remember reading through several different random blog reviews. I knew it wasn't the time to jump in on it, but decided to file it away for later. Well, I guess this is later.

I went online, filled out my personal style profile, and selected my "fix" date. I was so excited when my fix arrived. 

I told the stylist that I'm planning on going to the beach so I asked her to keep that in mind for this fix. Lillian (my stylist) included a little not for me. I thought the note was a fun personal touch.

So the first item I tried on was the shorts with the tank top. I will apologize now for not having pictures of myself in the clothes. Patrick was in Belize and I haven't trained Owen or Hurley to take pictures yet;)

I immediately knew that my stylist nailed my style and I was keeping the tank top. The jury was still out on the shorts. Then I threw on the open cardigan to get a feel for it.

These pictures are totally awful and I'm sorry. However, I loved the cardigan. Like I didn't know it was possible to love a cardigan this much. It is so soft. At first I thought it would be silly to spend so much money on a cardigan when I can buy basic items like cardigans at old navy or target. I took it off and decided I'd think about it.

At this point in the process of trying everything on, I nixed the shorts. I have a ton of shorts and I wasn't crazy about the color/pattern.

From there I moved on to the dress which was really cute when I put it on.

However, I decided that I have several dresses that I haven't even worn yet and this one was fitting a little snug through the chest. This is when I decided I'd probably keep the cardigan. Why not?

The last item in my fix was a tote that my stylist thought I'd like for the beach.

I should have taken a picture of the actual bag. It was solid navy and just not cute enough for me to want to carry to the beach. It also seemed a little pricey considering that it would end up with sunscreen, sand, water, and crushed cheerios/snacks all in the bottom of it.

Overall, I'm happy with my first fix. I walked away with two new items that I really love. I had a lot of fun waiting on the fix and trying on the items. It was nice to try things on in the privacy of my own home. The process is convenient. The items were shipped to my door, I had three days to decide what I was keeping, and then I just had to drop the returned items in the mail in the prepaid package that is already provided. Friends, I'm doing this again.

I should also mention that if you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount. Anything you don't wish to keep gets placed into the bag with prepaid shipping that's provided in the box. After that, you go online and "check out." During the checkout process you have the ability to provide feedback on items you didn't keep so that your stylist can better understand what you like. 

Interested in trying it out for yourself? Click here and I'll get referral credit added to my account.


  1. I'm so glad you tried this because I spent one morning several months ago reading about it and filling out the online form just for fun, but I didn't go all the way through the process of getting started. It looks fun, and I always feel like I'm not good at styling pieces together. I have to see things on manequins to mix and match well. How do you feel about the prices? That was my only concern. I consider myself a bit of a cheap shopper when it comes to clothes. I feel like I would have to choose the cheapest option for their price ranges, and even that may be a little pricey for me. What did you think?

    1. I was planning on talking a little more about prices if I ever get around to posting on my 2nd stitch fix experience. My advice is to put everything on the "cheaper the better" option. I didn't do that for my first fix. I responded honestly to how much I "typically" spend on jeans, shirts, etc. Most everything in my fix was in the $50-$75 range. Also, you can be honest with your stylist about what you want. Even for your first fix there is the option to write a note to the stylist responsible for your fix. Hope this answered your question.