Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bush Family Vacation: Gulf Shores

What's become our annual beach vacation with Patrick's parents came to a close last week. We've gone with them to Gulf Shores/Orange beach at the end of the summers for at least the past 5 years. I'm happy to report that it was a fantastic week with no ear infection for Owen:)

Most mornings we headed out to the pool after breakfast. The condo (Pelican Point) had a baby pool that Owen really enjoyed after some initial coaxing. Isn't he just the cutest in his little swimsuit and hat? Of course, he had to carry his own bucket with him too.

He was obsessed with pushing the elevator buttons.

 I also couldn't resist snapping more pictures as he marched out to the pool like a big boy.

The big pool and the puddle jumper I purchased were pretty much a no go. Patrick and I did manage to get Owen in the big pool for a good stretch but it wasn't until the very last day. Honestly, I'm kind of okay with having an almost two year old that doesn't want to jump head first into large bodies of water.

When Owen would get tired we would head back up to the condo. I would bathe Owen while Patrick fixed lunch. We purchased a booster seat for the trip and it was definitely worth it.

After lunch Owen would go down for a nap. Since Patrick's parents typically like to hang out in the condo or on the balcony in the afternoons, Patrick and I were able to head out to the beach for a few hours in the afternoon. It was so nice.

There was one morning that we decided to take Owen out to the beach. While he did not like the ocean, playing in the sand was a hit. We took the same small baby pool with us from last year to fill up with a little water. We both noticed how much more space he takes up in it!

We eat out every night when we go on this trip. Some of our favorites include Doc's, Oyster House, Shrimp basket, and Fisherman's corner. We tried out a couple new places this year- Fishers Upstairs and Fishers Dockside. We took Owen with us to the more casual dockside restaurant and then Patricks parents kept Owen for us so that Patrick and I could go out and enjoy the nicer upstairs restaurant. We really enjoyed both new restaurants. You can check out their website here.

We had fun showing Owen the boats at the marina after dinner at dockside.

We also enjoyed walking around for a bit after dinner at the Oyster House.

Looking at the fish.
Becoming more and more independent...

We also took Owen to a playground that's just down the road from Docs. It was a really neat place. Owen isn't quite big enough for it yet, but he still enjoyed it. I didn't get any pictures though. They are all on Patricks phone.

It was a great week to disconnect from the world and enjoy our family. We could tell that Owen was exhausted by the end of it. His patience was zapped and he'd lose it over silly things. Thankfully, he slept a good bit of the way home.

We got back Friday afternoon around 2:00pm. I had just enough time to unpack, rest for a little bit, and get ready for work. I had a great weekend at work with some really sweet patients and great deliveries, but I'll admit, I'm exhausted! Then I got hit with a stomach bug Monday afternoon that lasted until yesterday. I'm hoping today goes better!

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