Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Total Lean Protein Shakes

I recently realized that lunch time is my weakest time when it comes to eating healthy. It doesn't matter what I've "planned" to eat that day for lunch. Some days I'm just too tired to spend a lot of time on it. Rather than fixing that salad and baking that piece of fish that I'd planned on eating, I would find myself eating a lot of "fillers". I would eat some cheese, apple, and peanut butter toast that I would be cutting up for Owen and then I'd be hungry again by the time he was in bed for his nap. I'd rummage around and grab some yogurt only to get hungry again by the time Owen was waking up from his nap. It's not that what I was eating was bad for me, it just wasn't a complete meal so then I'd spiral into "snack" mode throughout the afternoon.

I've been giving this some thought for a few weeks and decided to try something different.

A weight loss shake? Well, yes. It's really just a protein shake. For weight loss, you are supposed to replace breakfast and lunch with this shake along with some healthy snacks. I'm not doing that though. I'm only drinking it at lunch and I'm adding my own stuff to it to add some variety.

Verdict? I'm loving it so far. I've only had it for a few days, but I'm way more satisfied after drinking one of these and don't feel the need to snack my way through the day until dinner. The instructions say to mix two scoops with cold water but I've never actually had it that way. I was really nervous the first time I made one that I would hate it. Patrick and I have protein powders that we've used from time to time and I'm not really a fan of the grit or the aftertaste. However, the way I've been making mine is delicious. I'll have to post my recipes later.

As for weight loss, I wouldn't say there has been any change but like I said, I'm not following the instructions. I do feel really good though and that's more important. Also, I can't imagine drinking two of these a day. The bathroom trips would be a little much I think. One shake has 30% of your fiber for the day. It's definitely an adjustment to the system.

I think this shake is helping me on my journey towards health and fitness. It's hard to find balance for those things after having a baby. Everything takes more planning and flexibility. I'll be reporting back later with some recipes I've tried, update if I think it's caused any weight loss, and also if I end up trying other flavors.

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