Monday, July 21, 2014

More Frames

I broke another picture frame last week. Owen was napping and I was being productive. I was trying to finish sweeping and mopping the entire house. I had just finished upstairs and was going to head down to the basement when it happened. The end of my mop knocked a picture frame. It went swinging on the hook, I let go of the mop to try and catch the frame but I was unsuccessful. It shattered into pieces. Little. Tiny. Pieces. Glass was everywhere. Luckily, Owen didn't wake up from the noise.

I wasn't too upset since I was never really fond of the pictures. The set of two frames were generic prints that someone bought for us from Bed Bath and Beyond before we got married. They had Bible verses on them so I guess that's why the person thought they'd be appropriate. They were just a nice, but kind of impersonal, temporary fix for a couple that had next to nothing when we got married. I guess having next to nothing is true for most young newlyweds. Honestly, I kind of miss having next to nothing. It kept things simple.

Okay, the frames... I found them at Target. I was so pleased when I pulled them out of their packaging and found that they came with a template for hanging. So convenient! I wish all my black frames from the photo gallery wall had that. It would've been so much faster.

I was also impressed that the frames came with photo gallery examples.

I noticed that they included the option that I chose for my gallery wall.

"Order out of the chaos." I like it. Sounds a lot like my life sometimes:)

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