Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cloth Diapers (an update)

I feel like it's time for a little update on our cloth diapers. The short story is that we are still using them (most of the time) and we are still enjoying them. You can find my original post on the subject here.

Owen is now wearing his diapers on the largest option available. Eek! When did he get this big? I feel like it is a reminder that, "hey, you're going to potty train sometime in the next year." How scary is that? He is so not ready right now (boys are slow at it anyway from what I hear) and neither am I, but I know it's coming.

Okay, back to the diapers... We are still using the same 18 Bum Genius 4.0 pocket style diapers with snaps and they are holding up great. No stains, no rips or holes.

Laundry factor: I still try to wash them every other day but I find that more often than not, I only wash them twice a week. It hasn't seemed to affect their performance so I'm going with it.

Stuffing the diapers is a chore, but I'm super fast at it by this point. I timed myself yesterday just to see how long it actually takes me to get from this...

to this...

Answer? About 5 minutes with a toddler interruption.

The stink is way better once I realized that it was okay to add bleach to the cold water cycle once a month.

No leaks and no poop blowouts. It took some time to figure out how to position the diapers on Owen, but since then we've been clean.

The only area that I feel I need to update is that we started using liners about a month after my post. Once Owen started solids, his poop required the diaper sprayer. I feel like I adapted pretty well, but Patrick didn't. I'm not trying to be mean, he will even admit it himself. He just didn't like it and after weeks of trying, he still felt like he was spraying the entire bathroom. Yuck... That's when I decided to purchase diaper liners. Problem solved.

The liners cost about $7 for a roll of 100 so it's still pretty cheap. We place one in the bottom of the diaper before placing it on Owen. It's a great solution because now it's rare that a diaper requires the sprayer. It still happens occasionally. The liners can be flushed so all you have to do is let the liner with the poop roll on out into the toilet and flush. Lovely, huh?

Learning to climb on the furniture.
So there you have it. A quick update on our cloth diaper journey.

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