Thursday, June 19, 2014


"True love waits beyond the silent stars."
- Lenny LeBlanc

I have always loved stars. I had an observant friend in college who told me that she loved walking outside with me at night because my gaze would shoot upward within just a few seconds of clearing the door of a building. She loved that it reminded her to look up and take a second to observe the stars as well.

I feel small beneath them, but I feel something else too. I feel nostalgic, awed, humbled. I'm reminded of all the different verses in the Bible regarding stars, but I also find myself thinking about God. He is infinite and great. He is as real and as mysterious as those stars. I like to think that he is waiting for me somewhere beyond them. One day, I will fall into the arms of the One that I was made by and made for.

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