Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life through my lens

 Thank you Publix, for having these shopping carts and free cookies for little ones.

Okay, not my lens, but thought everyone should know that Annie (my niece) is here! She is actually flying home today! This picture downloaded from my phone because I had to save it in order to pass it on to Patrick since he was on a trip. She has already changed a ton since this picture! Go check out her story and progress by clicking here.

Learning to crawl through all the tunnels.

Youth house fun.

He thought that having his car seat in the middle of the floor was awesome.

My date for the Neighborhood Brew couldn't be any cuter.

"Beep, beep!" He loves this car at the playground.

First time in weeks that he has wanted to swing. Just a weird phase but judging from the look on his face, the phase is over!

Loves to slide. Signs "more" after going down.

Happy after his nap.

Good morning pic for daddy.

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