Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life through my lens

Our big boy at his 18 month doctor visit.
Patrick and I spent last week at the beach to celebrate with some of our recent high school graduates.

It was really nice and weird to wake up every morning, drink coffee in bed without watching the clock, and without wondering how long I have to read before Owen will wake.

Yep, I took a picture to remember the moment.
Apparently, I like taking pictures of my morning coffee...

Owen got to spend the week with his grandparents and his uncle Carter in Dalton. I'm pretty sure he was too busy to miss us! My mom kept me updated every morning with a few pictures from the previous day.

I was so happy to be reunited with my little man last Friday afternoon.

I've spent the week enjoying being with him again. Unfortunately, he seems to have some more teeth coming through which means he's had some horrible diapers over the weekend. By yesterday afternoon his rear end was so raw. So we had plenty of naked time on the deck, baths, pool time, maximun strength ointment, and Popsicles to help.

I was amazed by how much better he was by last night. He felt good enough to help me with my yoga.

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