Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day in the Life

June 11, 2014
I've done one of these posts before maybe close to this time last year. I'm not sure. I'd have to look but I feel too lazy to do that right now. It's currently 9:50pm and I'm up waiting on Patrick to call to tell me goodnight so I'd figured I'd type this post out while I wait. I'm going to go ahead and apologize that I didn't do anything "fun" today for your enjoyment. Nope. This is real life. Part of the reason for this blog is to chronicle life and life isn't always rush, rush, rush. Today was laid back. I chose it mainly to give myself something to do/think about since Patrick left me for Breakaway Conference in Hilton Head, SC. Okay, sorry for the long intro. Here goes.

Patrick's alarm brought me out of a dream that I can't remember now but I could this morning. That's always frustrating to me. I rolled over away from the light in the bathroom, I heard the door to our room open, his footsteps trailed down the hall and then I began to smell coffee. I opened my eyes and coffee was sitting on the night stand. When did that get there? Patrick was finishing up in the bathroom. I promised him that I'd sit up and talk to him before he left. We talk briefly. I tell him that I'll be praying for him and that I'll miss him. Both are very true. He finishes his coffee, kisses me, grabs his bags, and then he's out the door. I won't see him again until Sunday night.

What? You mean most people don't take selfies at 7am in a camouflage shirt with a superman logo? bad...

I finished spending some time in prayer and decided to sneak down the hall to grab a second cup of coffee. I returned and snuggled back into bed with my journal and a book I'm reading about establishing spiritual practices.

Owen began to talk and call out. I got dressed and snapped yet another selfie. Don't worry, this behavior will not become a habit. It's just awkward. I thought I'd give it a try though.

When I got to Owen's room I found that he was happy and very stinky. He's had some terrible diapers lately with a new set of teeth coming in. Three have already popped out in the last couple weeks and now I'm waiting on the last stubborn one that I can see under the surface. I can tell it's been bugging him but I swear it hasn't bothered him as much as his raw booty has. Teething diapers are the worst!

Once he was cleaned up, we headed down to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

I let Owen play with blocks and watch TV while I grabbed some water for us and threw his clothes in the washing machine.

We left for the park so that I could get in a run. I really like running with Owen because it's a great way for me to get exercise without having to wake up at the crack of dawn (even though I did that today) or wait for him to take a nap. This means that when he naps today, I can shower and do whatever I want!!! Well, as long as it keeps my butt at home and doesn't take longer than a couple of hours. Ha. I'm already thinking that I'll probably finish laundry and nap. Exciting, right?

We pulled back in the driveway. We fed Hurley because I forgot to before we left this morning. Poor boy has majorly dropped on the totem pole. Owen and I settle in to play with toys for a little while. I turn music on and we enjoy dancing.

Lunch time. Unfortunately, Owen caught on to what I was doing and fussed the entire time I was fixing his lunch. It's so much easier when he has no idea food is coming. Otherwise, he gets very impatient. 

Nap time! I put the clothes in the dryer then settled on the couch to watch TV. Nothing was on so I browsed some blogs, facebook, instagram, and then decided that I needed to quit wasting my life. I showered, dressed, and lied down. I couldn't sleep so I got up and started organizing the guest bedroom. Caroline is coming this weekend to help take care of Owen while I'm at work and the bed in there is currently covered in a photo wall project I'm working on and tax documents that I still haven't filed since we did our taxes. Yeah, I'm on top of things. At least it's clean now! I grabbed the clothes from the dryer and folded them in our bedroom. I'm was just about to start making a cup of coffee and a snack when I got interrupted.

I heard him talking to himself quietly.

I walked in and he asked me for his boat. He has a pirate ship stacking toy that he calls "bow" which of course means "boat." I handed him the toy and asked if he wanted to get out of bed and he shook his head no. I got to make my coffee and peanut butter toast. While I was in the kitchen I realized that I needed to thaw chicken for dinner. I got that going.

I walked back down to his bedroom. This time Owen jumped up and reached for me. I changed him and then we went out on the screened in porch so I could enjoy my afternoon snack while he played with his fort. We spent the next hour playing with toys.

I'm made chicken bake so I needed to go ahead and get started. I turned the TV on so Owen would hopefully be distracted from my absence and content. It worked for a little while. I got about half the veggies chopped before he was under my feet. He's started this new thing where he will come up to me from behind, wrap his arms around my legs, and press his head in between them. Sometimes, he kisses the back of my legs too. I got the food in the oven and we played with his train set while it baked.

Oh, and we sent a picture to Patrick.

Dinner is served. Owen cried when I tried to get him to eat his potatoes. He changes what he will and will not eat on a bi-monthly basis. It's weird. He ate a ton of chicken, some red pepper, and bread.

Then I made cookies for desert. He ate two of them without protest.

Decided it would be a good idea to give him a bath. Baths are good for diaper rash, right? I read somewhere that adding baking soda helps. Actually, maybe it was baking powder.... I'll try anything at this point. It has gotten a lot better but I'm ready for it to be completely gone!

I brushed his teeth, got some PJ's on him, and then we went back to the living room to hang out and read some stories.

It's now 11:00pm. I interrupted this post and spoke with Patrick a little after 10pm. Now I can go to bed. Like I said, my normal every day life is nothing special to most people, but it is my life and special to me. I want to remember the big important stuff, but the little in between stuff too. Sometimes a string of insignificant days turn out to be the most significant later.

Think about it. Now I'll always know that I woke up in an ugly shirt June 11, 2014.

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