Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Springtime Sweat

I love working in the yard during this time of year. Patrick and I are usually able to get outside and tackle a few projects. This has been our most recent project.

Unfortunately, I have no before to show you. Just picture that bed overgrown with prickly weeds, ferns, saplings, and some poison ivy. Oh wait, actually, just take a look at the other bed that we have yet to tackle and you no longer will need your imagination.

It's a mess. I can't wait to get after that second bed, but then again, I dread it. It's tough, back breaking work. These beds are located in the side yard where the driveway wraps around to the back. So we are greeted by them every day. The picture below gives a better idea of how close they are.

I'll be honest. One of the reasons I'm willing to get outside and do this kind of work is because I know that, once we clean up, we will end up on the back porch. When we end up on the back porch, we have drinks. Adult drinks.

Ah, life is good.

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