Thursday, May 8, 2014

Basement Entertainment

I'm still not finished with the basement. I am making slow progress though! We now have an entertainment center. I found it online. Buying online can be risky, but I did my homework. I searched through a lot of different sites, read all of the reviews and decided on this one. It arrived in pieces.

I've purchased from Overstock before and I've always been happy with their customer service and the products. The one time I didn't use them for furniture (our dresser), I was disappointed in the quality. Unfortunately, assembly is usually required when purchasing from overstock, but I think that is why they have good deals. I spent a couple of hours last Sunday night putting this thing together.

Now that we have the entertainment center in place, we need the TV. Patrick has been researching that since it is more his department than mine. I've been playing with the furniture arrangement down there and trying to get motivated to finish the painting. Maybe I can finish by the end of the month?

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