Friday, March 28, 2014

Basement Reno and Painting Paneling... Again

This sure is going slower than expected. I began the basement overhaul in December. It's been slow progress working between illness, miscarriage, naps, trips, and work. I'll finish eventually!

When we bought this house the basement was covered in paneling. I'm not opposed to paneling, but it was pretty bad. Also, once we put down the laminate wood floors, there was way too much wood grain going on. I'm not a stranger to painting paneling. I started with our laundry room a few years ago. You can read about that here.

Since we've been working on fixing up the basement, it was time to take care of the paneling in the rest of the main living space. This time I tried a different approach. Instead of priming and then painting two coats. I bought two-in-one paint and primer and only painted two coats. It was awesome! Also, a little faster which is a big plus.

Just so you can refresh your memory. Here is our before. It felt really dark even though we have pretty good natural light down there.

And here is some progress.

The walls and the baseboards are finished. Plus, I stained the little strip of quarter round surrounding the fireplace. Maybe I'll get a close up of that later. I've also stained the mantle. The shelves are in progress. By that, I mean the casings are primed.

It's amazing to me how much better the floors look without the competition from the walls.

I guess I should also mentioned that we bought a rug for the space. My first purchase didn't work out, but we got it right the second time.

First attempt. Found at World Market.
The first rug went well, but it wasn't playful enough for the space.

Our second and final rug came from Target. I had to order it online because they only carry up to 5'x7' in the store we needed the 8'x10'. We got free shipping so it actually worked out better than purchasing in the store. No hassle with trying to get the rug home.

Here is a quick peek at what will become the "office".

And here you can get a peek at Patrick's addition to the space- a pull up bar. We've been doing our work outs in the basement. The bar hangs from the floor joists and when we need to hide it, it can be removed and the ceiling tile replaced.

We still have a pretty long to do list down there, but it's nice to have made a little progress.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Questions and The Numbers

My hcg level has been steadily declining. Last Friday my level came back as 5.83. They consider anything less than 5 to be a negative pregnancy test. It was a little frustrating to be so close. However, most likely I will just need one more blood draw later this week and then I'll be cleared to do monthly checks for 5 months following the negative test. Hopefully, I'll be finished with this whole process by the end of August!

I'm feeling so much better. My energy level has returned, my emotions seemed to have stabilized for the most part, and I'm having fun making plans for the year. Some people have wondered if this means we will "try" in August. Probably not. Of course, these things aren't completely in our control (since our last pregnancy wasn't planned). However, if we can help it, we won't be trying this fall. I'm hoping people won't ask me too many questions. It can be difficult to find the right answer.

I can't tell you the number of people who have asked, "So when is baby number two coming?" or "I think it's time for another!" Some people are even more direct and just come out and ask, "So, are you pregnant?" It's funny to me how these questions didn't start popping up again until Owen turned one. It's like people are willing to give you that first year, but then you better get on it. I also realize that they are asking what they think is an innocent question. I don't think any of them are trying to be hurtful.

It was difficult to answer questions about pregnancy when I knew that I was in fact pregnant with our second, but also completely aware that something was wrong. Did people really want to hear me say, "Actually, I'm pregnant with number two but it's most likely dead." Or now when people ask... "Actually, we had number two a couple weeks ago. It died." Obviously, this isn't what people want to hear and I'm pretty sure it would be the most awkward and rude response I could come up with for people.

Instead, I'm trying to be gracious. I'm telling people the truth on my own time. I'm hoping that people will educate themselves a little more about asking these types of questions. They have the potential to be hurtful. The truth is that we may or may not get pregnant (with number 3) when we feel like we are ready and more importantly if God desires for it to happen. When and if it does happen, we will tell people on our own time.