Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Goodbye dark paneling

I've finally made some progress! The paneling in the basement living room is painted (thank you Caroline for the motivation!). I decided to continue with Olympic's grey beige since it's been a good neutral for the rest of our home. I'm hoping to have a little more fun down there with accessories like a fun rug and art.

a nice before shot
similar angle after one coat of paint
two coats of paint
Also, I bought some brown slipcovers to help downplay the old hand me down couch and love seat from my parents. I'm sure we will replace them at some point, but it's not in the budget for the current renovation.

If anyone out there is still rocking a paneled basement, then have no fear of paint. It's cheap and really brightens up the space. I actually really like the look of painted paneling. It adds texture.

Now I just need to start on all this trim... eek! I HATE trim. It's so tedious and seems never ending because you have to prime it, paint it, and then paint it again. At least I do with this severely dark stained trim that we inherited when we bought this house. My plan is to paint the bookcases white as well.

This room is going to need to fulfill a lot of different roles but I think it can be done. Right now, it is mainly used as Patrick's workout space/home gym (in case you didn't notice the dumbbells or pull up bar in the previous shots). I'd like to see it also function as a family room. I can see us hanging out in here having movie night, playing games, and sitting by a fire. This fireplace is way better than the one we have upstairs. Plus I don't have to worry about Owen falling in it!

I've also been without an office for a few months now. It's not terrible, but I'm realizing that it was nice to have a desk set up in our home for bills and letter writing. My home organization has been declining ever since I chose to devote our third upstairs bedroom to be solely for guests. All this to say, this room needs to have a workspace.

Lastly, I'm hoping that once this room finished, the neighboring room will follow which will allow the two rooms combined to be the perfect hangout for my boys when I'm trying to sleep on Saturday. I currently wear earplugs to sleep so it isn't terrible but I occasionally wake up to things. It's totally worth it though. I love this little guy and his daddy.

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