Friday, February 28, 2014

Going Under: Taking care of the Mole

My ultrasound yesterday showed that there was still molar tissue left in my uterus. Small, like the size of a walnut I was told, but still there. It needed to come out so I was scheduled for a D&C this morning. The good news is that my urine pregnancy test already came back negative and my blood work reported a Beta Hcg of 87. These numbers are good. Finally, something good to report! This most likely means that the tissue didn't have a very good blood supply. However, it did not change the fact that the only way to get the walnut-size-mole out was with surgery.

So Patrick and I left for the hospital around 6:00am this morning. Patrick's dad came to the house to watch Owen for us. We arrived around 6:30, I rolled to the operating room at about 7:30, and I was heading home a little after 9:30. It was quick. I was a little nervous about having to be put to sleep under general anesthesia but I really felt like it was the best option available. I'm happy with my decision. I feel like my recovery was way faster because of it.

I don't really remember much after I got to the OR. I remember talking with anesthesia briefly, my doctor standing on one side with her hand on my arm, and my friend, Cindy, standing on the other side of me (She said she would stay with me until I was asleep). The anesthesiologist asked me to take deep breaths "all the way to my toes" as he placed a mask over my nose and mouth. I remember laughing and then apologizing that I was laughing at him. What was this, yoga class? I think I had everyone else cracking a smile too. The next thing I remember is the breathing tube coming out. I only remember gagging. Then peoples hands were suddenly moving me to a stretcher. I remember tears. I wasn't hurting or even sad. They were just coming. I was embarrassed so I think I pulled the sheet over my head. Then I remember hearing Patrick and opening my eyes to see him standing next to me in recovery. I asked, "Was I crying?" My nurse and Patrick told me I was "a little weepy", but they assured me it wasn't bad.

We stopped to eat breakfast at The Original Pancake House on the way home. I was groggy. Coffee, eggs, bacon, and pancakes sounded so good. When we got home I was still a little groggy. Owen was taking his first nap so I took a nap as well. Now I feel really normal. Patrick and Owen are taking afternoon naps so I figured I'd write what I hope is one of the last installments of the miscarriage and molar pregnancy posts. 

At this point, I'm waiting to see what my hcg level does. My doctor is hopeful that I will reach zero by next week. We will see. Once I reach zero, it will be monthly blood draws for sixth months. At that point I am considered "clear" of this molar tissue. Let's pray I get to zero and stay there!

Thanks for reading, for praying, for sending letters, food, and texts. I'm so thankful for the support I've experienced in the last few weeks.

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  1. Continuing to pray for you! You are such a strong woman and I appreciate all you share! Love you!