Wednesday, October 23, 2013

11 Months

There are moments in life I wish I could bottle up and save forever. This past month is a perfect example. It has just been... FUN. I can't describe it any other way. I don't think I can put my finger on the reason. Maybe it's because our schedules feel settled, maybe it's the stage that Owen is in, or maybe it's just been a good run. Whatever the reason, I'll gladly accept it.

11 months old

Health and Growth
There really isn't much to report in this section other than he is growing and he is healthy! I can tell that Owen has had another growth spurt. I've been going through his closet and drawers and trying to remove all items that no longer fit. Before I knew it, I had enough clothes to fill up three plastic bins. How does something so small acquire so much stuff? One word... grandparents. I am thankful though!

I'll also report that Owen has two bottom teeth and two upper teeth but nothing else is showing signs of popping out anytime soon.

Eating Mexico Lindo

There have been very few changes to the pattern of eating. At our last doctor visit we were told that we could begin phasing out the pureed foods and move towards a more 'solid' diet. Owen has kind of already showed signs that he's ready for that anyway. At this point, I still offer the convenient pureed pouches of food when we are on the go but it's rare that we offer them at home. He's been eating a lot of carrots, broccoli, bell pepper, black beans, corn, cheese, ham, turkey, chicken, pineapple, eggs, cheerios, and bananas.

I'm still breastfeeding but I can tell that it is coming to an end. I quit pumping at work (halleluiah!) and it is so nice not to have to worry about it. While there is a part of me that is ready to stop breastfeeding, I'm realizing that there is this also a small part of me that gets sad when I think about the end of this stage. I didn't think that feelings of sadness or nostalgia would happen to me but I'm pretty sure the tears will come at some point. 

Owen now takes his sippy cup like a champ. He will gulp down water when he's thirsty. My hope is that he won't freak when we start putting milk in it. We'll see... Oh, on that note, I do plan on slowly introducing some cows milk into his diet this month. I still plan on breastfeeding, but I'd like to get him used to the idea of cows milk.

It's so crazy how different sleep can change from one month to the next. This month has been great for the most part. He goes down between 7 and 7:30pm and wakes up between 6:30 and 7:30. I will say that he made 7am or later his normal wake up time for most of the month and it has been glorious. Now, of course, the past 4 mornings have been different (6:00am... ugh...)We're really happy with his sleeping though and understand that we shouldn't complain in this department.

Naps have been back to normal with no fussing. After a few weeks last month of completely random naps with lots of crying, I've been relieved to have my sleeping baby back. It's crazy, this kid will dive bomb for his bed. I mean it. No cuddles. No bedtime story. No singing or rocking. He will practically leap out of my arms for his crib when he gets tired.

This boy is working on his walking skills!

In the past week he has started to stand up and balance unassisted for short periods. Totally freaking me out!

It's absolutely crazy to watch. He is also into EVERYTHING! I can't turn my back for a second. He loves looking through all the kitchen cabinets and he's already found his two favorite ones to open and explore.

I seriously love this kid.

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