Wednesday, September 18, 2013

10 Months

My sweet baby boy is growing up too fast. I can't believe I'll have a one year old in a couple of months. It just doesn't seem real.

Eating a lemon
Big bite
Lemon face
Health and Growth
This month kicked off with a trip to the beach with Patrick's parents. Unfortunately, Owen got sick while we were there and seemed to have an ear infection. It started one afternoon with a runny nose. Later, I noticed he was pulling at his right ear fairly frequently. He pulls at his ears on occasion anyway so I was trying to tell myself that it was nothing. However, when he wouldn't go down easily that night and then woke up three times in the middle of the night screaming, I was convinced. Every time I went in to get him he would be pulling at his ear. He would only fall asleep upright in my arms. I felt terrible for him. Patrick went out and bought tylenol and advil to help ease the pain and we made phone calls the next day to get antibiotics. Of course, our pediatrician wouldn't call anything in so it was Papa Harbin to the rescue.

When we returned home that Friday, I must admit that I was relieved. I was tired and ready for the comfort of my own bed. You know how there are those times that you need a vacation from your vacation. Well, that is how we both felt. I think we are due for a vacation without our little bug here pretty soon. Love him dearly, but he's just not relaxing yet!

We will be going for a well baby visit next week so I still have no accurate weight or height to report on right now. We are a little behind with his checkups due to schedule conflicts.

There really isn't much to report on this month. We introduced a sippy cup the week after we got home from the beach. He really didn't want anything to do with it the first couple of times he saw it. He would shake it and then throw it. If I tried to show him that there was water in there he choked. After about a week he was drinking from it some but I had to hold it for him. This past week he really figured it out. He now picks it up, tilts it back, and drinks all by himself. It's crazy how quickly a baby can learn something new.

I guess I should mention that breastfeeding is still going but I'm not pushing to keep it going or maintain a supply anymore. I stopped pumping before bed a couple months ago and decided that we will see where we end up. He still nurses 4 times a day but one of those times is usually just a "snack". The only time of day that he really wants to nurse, and by that I mean he will pitch a major fit if I don't feed him right away, is first thing in the morning. At this point I'm contemplating not even pumping at work. I haven't completely made up my mind though.

I'll start this section by saying that night time sleep is still awesome. He goes down easily around 7:30 or 8 and sleeps until anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30. It is an early wake up but I know that we shouldn't expect any different when he's going to bed at 7:30. I just feel like 11-12 hours is pretty great. What stinks is that I'm finding we are out past his regular bedtime at least twice during the week (Wednesdays and Thursdays) but he doesn't sleep any later the next morning to compensate. His internal clock is set to wake up with the sun. I don't really worry about it but it makes it hard when we start making plans on other nights during the week too because it means I have a sleep deprived baby by the end of it. It wouldn't be such an issue except that naps are becoming a joke.

Yep, naps have become a whole different animal lately. I never know if he is going to fall asleep immediately, fuss for a minute and then fall asleep, babble happily and drift off, or if he is going to scream like crazy and require that I go back in and comfort/rock him. Some days I'm successful in soothing my tired boy and some days I'm not and we just skip the nap and move on with our day. I'm trying to stay consistent with the time of day that I put him down as well as pay attention to his sleep cues but I still get different results. I have found that he has transitioned to later nap times, but he hasn't made this transition smoothly by any means. Hopefully I'll have a better report next month on this area of his sleep. It's a work in progress.

Our current routine:

Between 7:00 and 7:30 - wake, nurse, eat
9:30 or 10:00- nap
11:30- wake, nurse, eat

3:00 or later- nap
5:00- wake, nurse, eat, and then finger foods while we eat dinner
7:30 or 8- nurse, bed

As I mentioned last month, Owen is crawling. This has been an adventure for sure. He is into anything and everything. He is opening cabinets, drawers, and digging through his toy basket in the living room. It's fun to watch. He even managed to make an escape from Patrick the other day. Patrick said he went to the kitchen to wash a few dishes and realized that the living room was just a little to quiet. When he went to check on things, there was no Owen to be found. He began calling for him and walked down to the nursery. Still nothing... He was starting to get that sense of panic when he heard a tiny little squawk coming from our bedroom. He found our little guy hanging out in the closet eating our shoes. Tasty, I'm sure.

Owen has also started to pull up a lot and is beginning to creep around the living room using the furniture for balance. He even walks using his sit to stand walker at times. This has probably been the most significant transformation to watch. I guess it's about time to lower the crib the rest of the way. He's not very tall yet so I'm not too concerned but I have found him standing in it a few times lately.

About to watch his first Auburn game with Daddy!

Cute baby buddies at the park.
First time in a swing.
My schedule change
I love it. It has been so great being home during the week and it's definitely a pay raise. I feel even more balanced than I did when I was flexi which I didn't even think could be possible. I'm tired by the time Sunday comes around but it's not unbearable. Being off the rest of the week makes up for it. For some reason I feel like I see Patrick less though. I can't really figure out why I feel this way. I'm wondering if our fall schedule is just busier than I remember. It sure feels that way.

I only get two weekends off a year so that kind of stinks but I'm having a hard time imagining needing more than that. Wedding season will be hard but maybe I'll find some nice people that want to swap shifts with me. We'll just see how it all pans out.

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