Thursday, August 1, 2013

Master Bathroom Update

I thought I'd get a lot more accomplished in the renovation department this summer since Patrick is always in and out of town. His every-other-week trips end up giving me plenty of time to dream, demo, and put back together before his return. However, renovations look a heck of a lot different when you have an 8-month-old in tow. So I decided to tackle this...

Luckily, I managed to squeeze this mini makeover during the Sr. High mission trip to N. Ireland. Yeah, we're not going to even talk about how disappointed I am that I had to stay home or the fact that it was 12 freakin days. I started this project the Saturday morning before Patrick was due to return. I guess I like to work under pressure? Owen was down for his first nap of the day when I headed to the bathroom for you know... some business. While there I got to thinking that the place was in need of a facelift. It's been brown/beige boring ever since we moved in 4 years ago.

Before I knew it, I had removed all of the fixtures and found myself staring at a complete mess. After some panicking I realized that I only had one choice now. I had to fix it. I found some leftover paint from the nursery in the basement. It's called Blue Smoke by Olympic. That Saturday night I finished the drywall repair so that on Sunday I was ready to paint. By Owens' second nap on Sunday, the room was painted. I purchased new fixtures that afternoon and had them installed that night. I'm not sure if the difference will come across in the pictures, but it feels like a different bathroom.

I also forgot to mention that I repaired and painted our grout. I don't have a good before picture but I got an "action" shot for you!

It's a subtle change that has made a huge difference.

Don't worry. This vanity will be getting some love in the near future.

Oh, and you want to know which part Patrick told me that he was most excited about? Let me show you.

Yep... the toilet paper holder! Men...

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