Sunday, July 21, 2013

8 Months

Health and Growth
Getting bigger every day! Owen is starting to outgrow his 6 month outfits so we have starting breaking out the 9 month stuff. His legs are short though so he does well in 6 month sized pants. I guess he takes after me:) We have officially started teething. People have been telling me for months that he's teething (because he drools so much) but I haven't really felt that he was until last week when he started gnawing on things with added emphasis and frustration. Oh, and the drool was like a faucet! After a few days of this I began to investigate those gums a little more seriously. Sure enough, there was a tooth right under the surface. It popped out a day or so later. I can now see three more teeth lurking under the surface. Teething hasn't been nearly as bad as I expected it to be. I've used teething tablets a few times when I thought he was being extra fussy and I've given him some pain killer as well.

This little guy loves to eat. He still nurses about 5 times a day and I pump before bed. My supply seems to be doing okay. I've been a lot better about pumping before bed so that enables me to save up an extra bottle of milk in the freezer for the days that I work. I haven't introduced a ton of new foods this past month. He has now had peaches, lima beans, black beans, rotisserie chicken, and little bites of bread. We also introduced puffs and teething biscuits. At first, he struggled getting the puffs into his mouth but he's gotten way better in just a couple of weeks. I'm sure we'll be working on some different finger foods in the near future. His current schedule is below.

7:00- wake, nurse, solids (oatmeal and fruit)
9:30- nap
11:30- wake, nurse, solids (yellow veggie and fruit)
2:00- nap
4:00- wake, nurse
5:30- nurse, solids (rice cereal, green veggie, and fruit)
7:30- nurse, bed

Helping with laundry.

He likes his sleep. We spent almost a full week in Dalton with my family while Patrick was on a mission trip and Owen slept in the pack n play the entire time. He didn't seem to have any issues with it. If anything, he took longer naps while we were there. I think all the extra stimulation wore him out. He still cries when he gets tired. There is really no distracting him either. Once he's ready, you better find a bed or it gets ugly. My dad found the whole thing quite amusing. Owen started waking for the day between 6:30 and 7am lately. He sleeps about two hours for each nap. I'm not a huge fan of the 6:30am morning start but I know it's because he's been requiring bedtime at 7:00. I don't think I can expect him to sleep more than 12 hours at night so I have just started going to bed earlier as well.
Good afternoon! Lovely drool spot!
Getting rid of the sleep sack.

Loves rolling around. He also enjoys "talking". He mostly makes the "da" sound and the "ba" sound but he has also started clacking his tongue. His other tricks include squealing, jumping, shaking his head, peek-a-boo, watching Hurley, drooling (a ton), listening to me sing (usually "wheels on the bus"), and sitting. His new trick is getting up on his hands and knees like he's going to crawl. I'm not ready... I guess we will have a crawling baby whether I'm ready or not though.

Just stop right there buddy!
I'm not sure if stranger anxiety counts as a milestone or not, but we've definitely seen our first glimpses of it in the past month. He has had a major freak out on 3 different occasions. All of the episodes have involved men who try to hold him or talk to him. The first time I witnessed it was in Dalton when my grandparents came over to see us. I went and picked Owen up out of his jumper to hand him to my grandfather only to see my grandfather shaking his head and saying, "easy, easy." When I looked down at Owen I realized what was happening. He started screaming so bad that I had to take him in another room. Oops... my bad. Once Owen was calm we were able to get the two of them to hang out a little.

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