Wednesday, June 26, 2013

7 Months

It's been a crazy busy month. I feel like we've been out of town more than we've been in town. I'm exhausted but also enjoying all the time I've gotten to spend with Owen. Summer has meant a lot less working for me. For the most part, I don't work when Patrick is out of town and he is out of town a lot this time of year. The downside is that I no longer get paid when I request time off. It's been worth it though:)

Health and Growth
Our little guy is now weighing in at 16lbs 10oz. He got 3 shots this past week and did great. I got the "start baby-proofing the house" talk which I know is true but I don't want to believe that my little man will most likely be crawling in a few short months. Of course, I'm going to purchase a couple baby gates anyway and I'm even considering if I should use the pack-n-play for a safe place to put Owen down when need be. Anyone else have advice on that? Did you do it? Was it worth it?

Owen did really well at First Week (a trip to the beach for our recent graduates) earlier this month. I noticed that his first two naps were shorter than normal but he seemed to adjust after that. I think he liked being in a new place. He continued with his normal schedule for the most part and we didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

We were home for a week and then left for Hilton Head, SC. While there, Owen often woke up once in the middle of the night. I'm not sure what was going on. We have been on the run a lot lately and the room we were sharing was tiny so maybe I woke up because he was so close to me. Because he sleeps in his own room at home, we've never noticed a middle of the night wake up. Several nights I would lay in the bed at 2am listening to Owen "talk" to himself and rub is fingernails over the netting in the pack-n-play...over and over and over. Sometimes he'd go back to sleep but a couple of nights (after waiting for almost an hour), I'd pick him up and nurse him so he'd go to sleep and therefore I could go to sleep. We also had a few crummy naps while we were there. My suspicion is that the pack-n-play is not comfortable. He got right back on track with his naps and night sleep once we were home.

This kid takes after his parents and loves his food. In addition to his rice cereal and oatmeal, he has now eaten pears, bananas, apples, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, avocado, and peas. I've found that bananas are the easiest baby food ever to make. I'm not exclusively making his food, but I've found that I really enjoy doing it. So far, he hasn't turned up his nose to any of the foods we've offered.
Eating lunch at the beach

He is still taking 5 bottles on the days that I'm working (4oz in all of them except for the morning bottle). I would say he averages 22-24oz on the days that I work. He acts completely satisfied though and is sleeping well at night so I figure he's okay. There were a couple of days this past month that he only nursed 4 times when I was home with him. That kind of worried me a little. I try to get him to squeeze one more nursing session in before bed but he either gets mad or starts falling asleep. I really don't want him to drop the nursing session before bed but don't want to cut out the 5:30 session either. I'm kind of nervous about making any changes to his routine. I've also been really bad about pumping before I go to bed. My supply has definitely dropped.

working on finger foods
My guess is that these developments are a normal part of the weaning process. Plus, he really likes eating solid food and probably has decreased his milk intake as a result. I know I won't nurse him forever so I'm just going to roll with it and see what happens. I don't have a set goal for when I'd like breastfeeding to end, but I definitely want to keep my supply up enough to feed him appropriately. I've got a little milk stash in the freezer and that makes me feel a heck of a lot better. 

For now, I'm going to stick to 5 nursing sessions a day (if he will allow) and step it up in the pumping before bed department. Hope it's enough!

Our current routine looks like this:

7:30- wake, nurse, solids (oatmeal and fruit)
9:30- nap
11:30- wake, nurse, solids (fruit and veggie)
2:00- nap
3:30- wake, nurse
5:30- nurse, solids (rice cereal, veggie, and sometimes fruit)
7:30- nurse, bed

He still loves sitting. He's not as interested in standing but he'll do it. He has started shaking his head back and forth as if to say "no." It cracks me up. He'll do it in the mirror at himself or if you shake your head at him he'll do it in return. Peek-a-boo has also become a fun game. If I hide from him while he is in his highchair and pop back up, he giggles. It also works to cover his face with a blanket or burp cloth. He wiggles and squirms with delight.

Sink baths are fun!
This month he figured out how the doorway jumper works. He's been enjoying standing in it for a while, but he has learned that he can use it to jump and that has been a lot of fun (for him and us).

Another thing to note? This boy loves his fingers. He pops them in his mouth all the time and don't you dare try to pull them out when he is tired! He is still refusing the paci. Well, scratch that. He took the wubba nub paci one time for about 20 minutes when I was fighting to get him to go down in Hilton Head. I was absolutely shocked.

At the Red Bar

Two little stinkers.
Loves his buddy John.
I see a little bit of me in this picture. Anyone else see it?
Love these monkey toes.
Taking after his mommy with that bruise on his head.
Where's Hurley?
A little TV so I could unload the dishwasher.
Rolling and practicing those push ups.
The worst lighting but at least we have a picture together!

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