Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Green Earth

We've painted the house! I've been wanting to kiss the barn red goodbye since the day we closed.

The color is called Green Earth (Sherwin Williams). The front door is called Red Bay (also SW). We started this whole process the week after I brought Owen home from the hospital and we officially finished at the end of April.

In progress shot, notice the windows covered with plastic!
We also painted and stained the deck. Don't ask me these colors. My newly postpartum brain really struggled figuring out what to do with the deck. What you see is actually plan B because my original plan was to simply stain the whole deck a fairly natural looking color. Well, let's just say that I didn't realize what a semi-solid stain was (they should just call it paint) and I picked a terrible color on the first try. It was yellow. Like pickled yellow... When Patrick got home from a trip with the youth and asked me what I thought about it, I cried. I thought I had ruined our brand new deck. It was so bad that I refused to even take a picture for documentation purposes. Just trust me, the finished product is way better!

Luckily, we are happy with the way it looks now. I kind of wish that the decking wasn't going to show so much dirt (we had to go darker to cover up the yellow from the first attempt), but it hasn't been as bad as I had originally thought.

We also took the opportunity to change out light fixtures on the house while we were at it. I think it is a subtle way to update the outside of the house.

Under the deck got new fixtures as well. Please excuse the pollen.

New fixtures by the front door too.

My main request when we decided to build the deck was that it have a gate. I knew that we are months away from having a little one that will be into everything and so I wanted it to be safer.

At this point, we are thrilled that it's finished. I'm looking forward to furnishing the area and using it like a second living room. Owen already feels right at home out there.


  1. Your house looks great. We decided to paint our home with SW's Green Earth as well. Would you mind sharing what color you chose for your trim paint?

    1. I wish I knew for sure. We told the painter to go with white. I realize that there are a lot of variations of white, but I would think he went with some basic white that Sherwin Williams sells.

    2. Hi! I was hoping to learn what white trim you had too. Shoot. I LOVE the colors!-GREAT job!!!