Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A day in the life

I thought it might be fun to track a days worth of activities on the blog. Years from now when I begin to wonder what I did with myself with just one baby as I hear some moms say, I can look back and remember what it was like to have Owen as a five and a half month old. Owen has settled out into a nice little routine and, for the most part, it makes him predictable. I can usually anticipate his needs.

I chose to do this last Tuesday for a couple of reasons. First, I wasn't working and I had no major plans. This means I've got time to be ridiculously descriptive to the point where you are probably going to be thinking that I need a life. Just know that this is not a typical day. I'm really not one of those people that has to tell the world what I'm doing every second nor do I need your approval. You can actually stop reading right now if you'd like and I'll never know the difference. My second reason for choosing that day is that Patrick was out of town. This means that I was flying solo all day long (all week long actually).

Tuesday (4/30/13)

7:20am- I wake up and hear Owen beginning to stir. He normally wakes slowly so I figure I have time to make a cup of coffee. Patrick is out of town, so I use the Keurig for a single cup this morning. I'm back in the bedroom in no time. Owen isn't making any noise, but I figure he is awake. I open his door and sure enough he rolls over to smile at me and then give me a funny look because I'm holding a strange black object (the camera).

Booger nose
I change a diaper with the smallest amount of poop in it. I'm not impressed, Owen. This boy hasn't really pooped in two days and I'm just waiting for the blowout. I finish the diaper change on my squirming baby and retrieve a few boogers out of his nose. He's been waking up every morning with these things and it drives me crazy. I just can't leave them there.

Morning face
I carry him back to our bed to feed him as is our normal routine. I'm sad Patrick isn't there waiting to greet us. I miss him when he's gone which happens a lot this time of year. You'd think I'd get used to it but I'm not. I drink my coffee and catch up on instagram, facebook, and a few blogs while Owen finishes up. I switch sides and start to make plans for the day. What am I going to do to entertain myself this week? What project can I tackle? I usually get something done when Patrick leaves town. It distracts my brain from getting lonely.

8:00am- Owen is finished and I move us into the living room so that I can fix his cereal. I haven't put the highchair together yet (which I'm guessing I'll do today) because we've only been doing cereal for a week. So I put Owen in his cradle while I mix it up. He gobbles up 3 tablespoons and seems really happy about it.

8:30am- Owen and I went down to feed Hurley and let him outside for the day. Owen is now on the floor playing, HGTV is on in the background (I've found that noise helps when I'm home alone), and it's time for my breakfast. Yum... breakfast casserole.

I had left him in the middle of this mat.

Something about him reminds me of my baby pictures here.
I then retrieve the box from downstairs containing the high chair and begin that project. Owen begins to get fussy halfway through this process.

9:15am- I change Owen and put him down for a nap. There was zero fussing. I must have timed that just perfect today. I'm finished with the highchair by 9:30... Now what? I grab some water because I feel parched, start this blog post, and figure I'll work out once my tummy has settled from breakfast.

11:00am- Two sets of the Spartucus workout (found in men's health magazine) are just finishing up when I hear Owen waking up.

All that's required for a killer workout
I decide two will be enough for the day (I had planned on three) and grab some more water while I cool down. I don't hear Owen anymore... guess he fell back asleep? I see that I missed a call from Patrick and call him back. Two minutes into the conversation I hear Owen. I go get him while on the phone with Patrick so that they can "talk".

11:30am- I'm finished nursing Owen for the second time today. We talk for a minute. He is starting to babble with his tongue between his lips. Very cute but a little slobbery.

Then it's bath time. He splashed all over and giggled at his bath toys.

I give him some naked time on the living room floor once his bath is finished. He loves rolling around naked. Little stinker.

12:30pm- After playing in his chair for a little bit so that I could eat a little lunch, he is already fussy. Very odd. He usually doesn't go down until 1:30 and I was really wanting to go for a walk.

I pick him up and try to sooth him, but it's not really working. I take him outside for a quick walk around the house. He enjoys looking at things, but I can tell that he has that look. Oh well, guess I'll put him down then.

12:50pm- He got a little cranked up while going into his sleep sack, but just for a moment. I picked him up to console him and got that quiet, finger sucking, glazed over response. I kissed his forehead and put him back down. I think his eyes were closed before I made it out of the room.

I guess it's time for a shower. I decide not to dry my hair because it doesn't look like we'll be going anywhere. I throw a headband on. I spend a little more time on the internet and then a little time cleaning. I'm bored. Around 3:00 I decide to enjoy a second cup of coffee and splurge on a slice of coffee cake left over from Owen's baptism brunch. It's delicious.

3:30pm- Yes, he slept that long. I had been contemplating waking him up when I heard him start making noises. I guess he could sense it was time. During his long nap I decided a run to Lowes was in order. The amount of touch up work needing to be done around here is ridiculous. Owen eats for the third time today. After a quick diaper change (still no poop) we were out the door.

I think Owen likes taking trips to stores. He never seems to make much of a fuss about it. We bought a can of paint for touch ups and a sample can for the kitchen along with a few other odds and ends. On the way home I received an invitation to dinner with friends. Dinner out at 7:30 means it will be a late night for Owen. He was asleep by 7:15 last night. I decide to accept the offer anyway. One night won't kill him. I am regretting my decision not to dry my hair though. Oh well, I'm going to rock the wavy, headband look if it means I can enjoy a margarita with friends.

5:15pm- We are just pulling in from Lowes. I'm on the phone with my mom while unloading the car, changing Owen's diaper and then I feed him (session #4) because he seems to be ready. I tell my mom bye as we are finishing up. We've been giving Owen rice cereal after this feeding. I move him to his highchair (yay!) as I fix his cereal. He seemed to enjoy sitting up for his food. As I'm getting started, Jane (my mother-in-law) calls to check in. We chat for a little while as Owen finishes.

6:30pm- I have put Owen in his swing so that I can pump. I need a bottle to take with us to dinner. I only get 2 oz which isn't bad considering that it's been less than an hour since he last ate. However, it's not going to be enough. I decide to mix up 2oz of formula to take with me as well. I really don't want to thaw milk from my freezer stash.

As I'm finishing packing the diaper bag, I hear it. The poop I've been waiting on. I take Owen to the nursery and get him changed. Luckily, his clothes are still clean.

7:10pm- I'm trying to get Owen situated in his car seat but he's not happy. He begins to lose it big time. I know he's just tired but I need him to hang in there.

I decide I'd better go ahead and feed him in hopes that the ride in the car will put him to sleep. Maybe he'll just sleep through dinner? He takes the milk I've just pumped plus the formula. He's calm after that so we hit the road. He was asleep by the time we made it out of our neighborhood. Poor baby.

9:00pm- We are arriving home from dinner. I'm telling Patrick goodnight on the phone. Owen was awake the whole time we were at the restaurant. He was a happy camper though. I peek into the backseat and see that he is passed out. Too bad I'm going to have to wake him again. I kind of feel guilty about keeping him out so late, but I needed some hang out time with adults.

I carry Owen in and leave him in his seat in the nursery. I get ready for bed and feed Hurley. I hear Owen waking up. I decide to leave Hurley outside for a little while and get Owen situated. I change him, put his PJ's on, and get him into his sleep sack. We settle into the rocking chair for feeding number 6 of the day. He falls asleep on the first side so I switch him to the second. He falls asleep again after a couple of minutes so I put him to bed knowing that he'll probably wake up to eat in a couple of hours after he's gotten some rest. Darn... We've managed to go over two weeks without middle of the night feedings. Guess it's the price I pay for disrupting his routine.

I run back downstairs to retrieve Hurley and put him in his crate for the night. I grab water on my way back to our bedroom.

9:45pm- Goodnight.  

1:45am- There it is. I knew he'd be up hungry at some point. I even made sure to leave the boppy and a burp cloth in the rocking chair. I feed him on the right side only. He's asleep. I put him back in bed. At 2:00am I'm snuggling back into bed and kind of relieved it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. I fell back asleep quickly. We both slept until 8:00.

And there it is. No, it's not exciting, but it's real life. One day I can look back and see what I did when it was just a day of me and the bug... Oh, and Hurley:)

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