Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6 Months

Health and Growth
Despite having a fair amount of congestion at times, Owen has been really happy this past month. I'm not sure if he's had a cold but he hasn't needed any medications. Once we worked out the eating issue at the beginning of the month (see 5 month post), he became much happier and a little chunkier as well. I just love seeing a few fat rolls on his thighs!

Sitting up! It happened rather suddenly and 5 days before he hit the 6 month mark. We were sitting on the floor, he was in front of me with his back resting against my tummy, and all of the sudden he sat forward. He proceeded to sit unassisted for about a minute before he lost his balance. We now try to let him have some upright playtime every day. I usually prefer to put the boppy on the floor with him so that there is a cushion for his head. When he goes, it's always head first.

The day he started sitting
Owen is also figuring out how to get to things. He can't crawl (thank goodness!), but he's figured out how to squirm his way across the floor towards things. At times, I think he gets frustrated that it takes so long. He doesn't know it, but he wishes he could crawl.

Fantastic. He is completely settled with two naps each day and a good 11-12 hours at night. His nightime sleep has increased slightly because we've found that more often than not he requires an earlier bedtime. We used to put him down at 8 but now he will go down as early as 7. We've also learned that he will sleep fairly well other places as well. He has napped well in the church nursery, the pack n play, and the floor at Patrick's parents. If it's nap time, then he wants to fall asleep and apparently doesn't care that much about where as long as he can be flat on his tummy. Hope he keeps it up.

Favorite sleeping position...Knees up under himself with feet out of the footed sleeper.
We have dropped to 5 feedings. This actually didn't happen until the day after he turned 6 months, but I'll go ahead and report on it here. I've been wanting him to drop his last feeding of the day for a while now so I would pump and then only offer a certain number of ounces. This way, we could gradually decrease the number of ounces he would get and hopefully encourage him to take more during the day. The night we dropped it we were staying in a hotel room. Owen was asleep in the pack n play and I just didn't want to fool with pumping. Plus, I didn't want to clean pump parts, pack the milk, and figure out how to keep it cold the next day while traveling.

He did great without it. Owen had only been taking 1.5 ounces anyway so I was fairly confident that it wouldn't be a big deal. I actually still pump during that time now that we are home because I want to ensure that I keep my supply up. I already felt worried that we were only getting in 6 sessions a day since they say you need at least 7 to maintain a milk supply. I haven't noticed anything but I don't want to risk it with just 5. So now I pump before I go to bed and get to freeze that milk for a rainy day. I guess the nice thing about that is that when my supply does drop off we will still have a little milk to give him that's completely free (well, minus the cost of freezer bags).

We've also temporarily increased his cereal to 3 times a day. Later this month we will be introducing fruits and veggies. We've started already with bananas and they are a hit. I actually just mashed up a banana that we had here when we got home from our trip. They were on the verge of being over ripe so I went ahead and mashed them all and put it in the freezer. I'm not planning on making all of his baby food, but I'm not opposed to making some every now and then. In this situation, it just seemed to make sense. Why let the food go to waste?

With the sleeping and eating changes our days usually look like this.

7:30- wake, nurse, cereal
9:30- nap (this nap is a little later than it used to be)
11:30- wake, nurse, cereal
1:30- nap
3:30- wake, nurse
5:00- nurse, cereal
7:00- nurse, bedtime (usually by 7:30)

Besides sitting, Owen loves his jumper, his swing, going places in the car, stroller rides, and splashing around in the tub. He has also started becoming a little ticklish at times which is hilarious. It is fun to watch his personality emerge.

Meeting Lulu
Playing with Daddy
Going for a walk

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