Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5 Months

My little man is growing up too fast! Once again, I'm a few weeks late on this update. I'm going to keep it a little shorter.

Health and Growth
Owen was a little over 14 pounds when we went to have his kidneys checked again. His kidneys aren't any better but they're not any worse either. As long as there is no trouble (like frequent kidney infections) then we will stop monitoring his kidneys when he is a year old and then maybe do one more check on them via ultrasound when he is preschool age. My guess is that nothing is going to change with them.

Babbling, grabbing toys, rolling around, giggling, coughing, sucking his fingers and thumb, open mouth kisses, refusing the pacifier, drooling (a ton), head control, and loves standing (with assistance).

Naps have become really regular this month but his nighttime sleep wasn't quite as good as it's been in the past. At the beginning of this month he was sleeping like a champ with three naps a day, and 11 hours of sleep at night.

We began working on getting him to drop his late night feeding (the one that usually falls between 9:30 and 10:30) because he's been sleeping so well and didn't seem to really need the feeding. Well, about a week into the weaning process he began to wake up at really odd hours and act hungry. There was one night that I was up with him from 2am-6am. I couldn't tell you the last time we'd had a night like that. Initially, I assumed it was just a growth spurt and decided we would roll with it for a few days and halt any effort to drop a feeding. After a week of waiting things were getting worse. He was still napping great but that was it. At night he would fight going to sleep. He would scream when you walked him into his bedroom. He was waking up to eat at least twice in the middle of the night (and acting as if I'd never fed him a day in his life). Plus, he would also want to play. I'd be trying to rock him to sleep only to be met with a squirming baby that kept smiling up at me. There were many nights that he ended up in the bed with us.

I was kind of stumped but then after doing some research and talking with my mom I realized that we were probably dealing with a combination of things. First, he was getting too much daytime sleep. Second, he was hungry.

The first thing was easy to fix. We cut out his third nap completely. It definitely helped. He quit fighting going to sleep and he no longer wanted to play at night. However, he was still waking up really hungry.

I checked my milk supply but there was no difference. I still pump about 27 ounces on the days that I'm away from him. At that point, I realized that it was probably time to start him on some rice cereal. I had planned to wait until he was 6 months old to start but every child is different. I firmly believe that he needed it. After two days of giving him rice cereal he was sleeping through the night again. Problem solved. We now have a happy baby that takes two naps a day and sleeps 11-12 hours at night.

Rice cereal hasn't changed the number of nursing sessions in a day (or number of bottles when I'm at work). He eats 6 times a day. It looks a little like the following.

7:30- wake, nurse, cereal
9:00- nap
11:30- wake, nurse
1:30- nap
3:30- wake, nurse
5:30- nurse, cereal
7:30- nurse, bedtime
10:00- bottle (so that we can help wean him)

He loves getting to eat rice cereal and gladly accepted it from day 1. There are some mornings that he doesn't really want to eat very much in the morning but he always gobbles up every bite in the evening. He takes 2-3 tablespoons in the morning and about a 1/4 cup in the afternoon.

He loves rolling around on the floor among his toys, swinging, spinning around in his doorway jumper, sitting in his bumbo chair, and standing anywhere he can.

Receiving his first pair of boots
Eating the arm of his buddy Sawyer
Miss this girl every day!

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